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Generate leads with cold emails with lemlist and Dropcontact

With the Dropcontact integration, your leads are enriched directly in lemlist from Linkedin 🚀

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What is lemlist?

lemlist is a cold-emailing tool that allows you to automate your B2B prospecting.

As a reminder, cold emailing is a B2B prospecting technique that consists in contacting a prospect by email with a customized and targeted message without necessarily having had a first contact or interaction.

This technique exclusively refers to prospecting with professional prospects. Because as you may know, it is strictly forbidden to contact a private individual without his prior agreement (it is essential to respect the RGPD or you could be penalized by the CNIL).

Pay attention to the contacts you are targeting, because your prospect must feel legitimate to receive your cold-email. Make them feel that your message is intended for them. An effective cold-email campaign must deliver an automated message that could be written by hand. Your prospects must be chosen carefully, do not target just anyone and set a limit of cold-emails sent per day (no more than 100/150 emails per day)


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And don't forget the unsubscribe link, mandatory in any prospecting. Feel free to change the title to make it more friendly ðŸĪŠ

Additional tip: if you want to strengthen your cold-email campaigns, lemlist also offers the "cold calls" feature that allows you to contact your prospects via their business phone number.

Customize your prospecting with lemlist

lemlist creates your first contact with your prospects through ultra-personalized email sequences.

THE basis of Cold Email 😁

Thanks to the "language liquid" (which refers to the integration of custom variables in your cold emails that will fit your contacts), for example, you can:

  • Use the familiar form with your contact
  • Define the right gender
  • Personalize the job
  • The name of his company
  • Or insert custom phrases which fit your target ðŸŽŊ

lemlist also differentiates from other cold-emailing solutions thanks to the sending of customized images. Indeed, these images change according to each recipient of your campaign thanks to screenshots links that you can add directly to lemlist.




Then, it's up to you to customize the content, files, or even the landing pages you want to send to your contacts.


Boost your deliverability thanks to multichannel campaigns 💌

With lemlist, you have the possibility to create "multi-channel" campaigns, meaning that you can multiply the communication channels by mixing emails, LinkedIn messages, or even calls in a single campaign.

For example, you can add different steps in your campaign depending on the timing and the channels you want to use to contact your prospect. Emailing, LinkedIn invitations, or calling, YOU can choose any method to customize your campaign with multiple steps.


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Want to know more? Dropcontact introduces how to boost your prospecting thanks to emailing and Linkedin in a 100% automated way!

lemlist and its integrations

Many integrations are available on lemlist such as Pipedrive, Salesforce and Hubspot in which you will be able to :

  • create new leads
  • update your leads in your CRM according to the status of your campaigns
  • import your CRM leads directly into your lemlist campaigns

Want to take your prospecting to the next level? The integration with Aircall allows you to call your prospects directly via their phone number to strengthen your campaigns.

lemlist also thinks about your data by choosing to exclusively integrate Dropcontact to enrich your databases. ðŸ’Ą

No need to worry about bad emails or a scraped list without personal information (first name, last name, email, job, LinkedIn, ...) the integration with Dropcontact allows you to take your cold email campaigns to the next level.

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What is Dropcontact?

The essential tool for data enrichment

Dropcontact allows you to enrich and update your database with algorithms that generate your contacts' information for you. Get the contact information you need for your prospecting: First and last name, gender, company, job, LinkedIn profile, and all the company information that will allow you to segment your targets and campaigns. And of course, Dropcontact is 100% GDPR compliant 😉


Overview of the features available on Dropcontact:

  • All email addresses provided are verified and guaranteed to be up to date
  • Dropcontact specifies if the address is nominative, generic, or even if it's a catch-all
  • Enrichment of business phone numbers
  • Add the LinkedIn company page
  • Detection and merging of duplicates
  • Add the legal information of companies
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Dropcontact integration

At first, the lemlist extension allows you to scrape the data of your prospects directly via their Linkedin info, you get :

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company's website
  • City
  • Job
  • Photo
  • LinkedIn profile link

Then, Dropcontact enriches and updates your Linkedin scrap by directly completing the collected data. The enriched fields are the following:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Company Name
  • Company's website
  • Company's LinkedIn profile URL
  • Number of employees
  • Company's information
  • Company's size
  • Company's turnover
  • Company's Key Figures
  • VAT number

Benefits of the integration

  • Combine Linkedin x Dropcontact scraping: your data will be enriched and updated so that you can reach your prospect efficiently
  • Scrape your contacts directly from the Linkedin page to your lemlist campaign (you don't need to switch tabs or platforms!)
  • Fast: click on the extension to start the scraping. Don't waste any more time manually searching for your prospects' information. You can scrape a contact individually from his profile, or multiple contacts simultaneously through Linkedin groups and via Sales Navigator.
  • Your lemlist email sequence starts in 1 click after adding your contacts via the Linkedin extension
  • Complete data: get all your prospects' information
  • lemlist has many complementary integrations to Dropcontact such as Pipedrive, Slack or Zapier

How to integrate Dropcontact in lemlist easily

A cold-emailing tool

To set up the integration in lemlist, follow the steps below:

  • Create your Dropcontact account if you haven't already 😉
  • Then go to the Integrations & API tab: copy your API
  • Subscribe to one of our subscriptions, starting at ₮24 per month (your first 100 contacts are enriched for free âĪïļ)


API dropcontact


  • In lemlist : fill in your Dropcontact API key (Settings -> Integrations)


lemlist settings


  • Activate the Dropcontact Scan in the Campaign options on Lemlist (it is imperative to activate this option before importing your contacts!)


  • Start the campaign in which you want to import your future new leads
  • Install the lemlist extension on the Chrome Web Store (only available on Google Chrome)
  • Go to the Linkedin profile of the lead you want to import
  • Click on the lemlist extension
  • In the extension, select the campaign where you want to import the data collected from your lead.


lemlist extension


  • The Dropcontact icon appears in green to indicate that the enrichment is in progress
  • And that's it, your campaign begins with the first email sent to your freshly added (and enriched!) leads ðŸ“Ļ


gif voila!


lemlist x Dropcontact pricing

To start creating your automated cold email sequences, (and enjoy many other features!) the lemlist subscription starts at $99 per month per user.

Note that Dropcontact integration in lemlist also requires a Dropcontact subscription (starting at ₮24 per month).

🚀 Dropcontact is integrated with many tools, such as :


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