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Create Effective B2B Prospecting Campaigns using Skaly & Dropcontact

Enrich your B2B prospection with the Skaly x Dropcontact integration and boost your sales!

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What is Skaly?

Skaly is a Sales Intelligence solution that provides insights on your prospects and revolutionizes your sales approach. Thanks to its algorithms, Skaly analyzes public data available on the web and delivers valuable insights for your prospecting. As a result, you become a master of personalization with accurate information about their needs.

An all-in-one prospecting tool

Skaly is a prospecting tool for Sales and SDR teams, offering several features:

  • Lead collection,
  • Bounce management (or "why did you end up in SPAM?"),
  • Copywriter mode: customizable email templates to help you write your cold emails,
  • Workflows to automate your prospecting with the ideal timing,
  • Integrated lead scoring system: assign scores to your leads based on their actions to qualify hot leads,
  • Gamification of the tool to motivate your team 🎮: a point system within your organization to see which team member has the most closings!

Benefits of Skaly

Skaly brings together all the features useful for your sales teams on a single platform:

  • The ability to create prospecting campaigns directly within the tool,
  • Interactive dashboards to visualize your progress in real time,
  • An intuitive interface that does not require any particular technical skills,
  • A collaborative system within the app to notify your colleagues (collective deal management),
  • Workflows to automate your email campaigns,
  • Content suggestions for writing your Cold Emails.

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What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact: Verification and enrichment of contact data for targeted prospecting

Dropcontact is a solution that enriches, verifies, validates, and updates your B2B contact database using algorithms to generate professional information about your contacts.

By simply providing the first name, last name, website (or company name), or even just the LinkedIn profile, Dropcontact's algorithms provide email addresses and all relevant information about your prospects, as well as legal data about their companies.Dropcontact relies exclusively on proprietary algorithms and does not store any personal data, making it a fully GDPR-compliant solution 😉

Dropcontact's Features

Dropcontact is your ally for clean CRM data in the long term, thanks to its many enrichment features:

  • Qualified, verified, and updated email addresses,
  • Professional phone numbers,
  • Updating job titles of your leads, clients, or prospects,
  • LinkedIn profiles of your contacts,
  • LinkedIn company page,
  • Standardization of information (First name, Last name, salutation, etc.),
  • Verification and validation of the company's website,
  • Duplicate detection and merging,
  • Adding legal data of companies.

Say goodbye to spending hours searching for this information on Google, LinkedIn, or using outdated databases! 🙌

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Skaly x Dropcontact Integration

Dropcontact x Skaly is a native integration that allows you to enrich your leads' emails to optimize your prospecting campaigns. Dropcontact will enrich the professional emails of your B2B leads directly through Skaly's interface.

Benefits of the Dropcontact x Skaly IntegrationThe native integration between Dropcontact and Skaly allows you to retrieve contact information for your prospects directly from Skaly, without having to switch tools. You gain insights into your prospects and their needs while obtaining their contact information in just one click. Thanks to this integration, you optimize your prospecting in a snap and boost your sales 🤑

How to Integrate Dropcontact into Skaly?

Follow the guide step-by-step or check out the followings:

  1. Create a Skaly account.
  2. Visit the platform at app.skaly.io.
  3. Integrate with Dropcontact during the launch of your campaign.
launch your first campaign with skaly x dropcontact

Select the "Launch a campaign" option, then proceed as follows:

  • Scraping the LinkedIn list: choose the option that suits you, such as a LinkedIn post URL, a lead list, a profile URL, etc.
  • Set up and manage your prospecting campaign: configure your email sequence,
  • Select the option "Enrich emails with our partner Dropcontact",
  • Launch the campaign 🚀
enrich your Skaly campaign with the Dropcontact integration

The support team is quite responsive, so you can ask questions in the chat if you need help with your first campaign.

Enrichment with Dropcontact

Once you've created your campaign, Skaly will offer to enrich your emails with Dropcontact.

You can choose the enrichment rate you want to retrieve:for example, if you have 100 prospects in your campaign, how many email addresses do you want to obtain with Dropcontact? 🤔

Dropcontact enrichment for skaly

100% of 100 prospects means that Dropcontact will enrich 100 email addresses for your account.

The solution is 100% customizable. It's up to you to decide how many Skaly coins you want to allocate to your campaign.

Skaly x Dropcontact Pricing

Skaly operates on a pay-as-you-go system: you only pay for what you need. Skaly allows you to adjust according to your needs with its simulator accessible within the app:for starters, 100 Skaly coins allow you to launch a prospecting campaign for 100 leads 🚀

skaly pricing pay-as-you-go

Dropcontact is included in your Skaly subscription 🎁

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