GDPR : How to know if my tools are compliant

Fantastic no-code methods to find, enrich and address B2B prospects

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In B2B, defining your target to generate qualified leads is great....having the verified emails of these leads to be able to address them serenely is even better.

Denis Cohen, CEO of Dropcontact, and Marc Francis, co-founder of Captain Data, reveal their most efficient workflows to automate the research, enrichment and sending of Cold Email to B2B leads.

Now, finding the verified pro name and address email of your future client will become a breeze 🎳

  • The importance of the definition of your target for an effective segmentation
  • The basics of ABM
  • Everything you need to know about the validity of an email
  • Method 1: From a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search
  • Method 2 : Using a company list import
  • Questions & answers

Your B2B prospecting has never been easier

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