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Overview of Duplicate Management Integrations for Pipedrive

In this comparative research, learn why Dropcontact is the best choice for duplicate management in your Pipedrive CRM

To optimize your customer relationship management, a CRM is an indispensable tool, and Pipedrive is one of the most efficient and easy-to-use CRMs on the market.

In order to ensure the success of your Sales, Marketing, and Support efforts, it is essential to have a healthy Pipedrive CRM 😌 This is reflected in the quality of your data: up-to-date information, valid emails, no duplicate contacts and organizations... Let's review the different options for identifying and handling duplicates in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive's Native Duplicate Management Tool

Pipedrive offers a native duplicate management tool called "merge duplicates." This tool is available for all Pipedrive plans, from Essential to Enterprise.

merge duplicate tool created by Pipedrive
The "merge duplicates" tool is available for all Pipedrive accounts

"Merge Duplicates" Features in Pipedrive

The "merge duplicates" tool in Pipedrive allows you to identify duplicates at the contact or organization level.

For contacts, it relies solely on information such as name, first name, and organization, and only these details. If two contact records with similar names and first names are linked to the same organization, Pipedrive identifies them as duplicates. The same detection occurs for an email present on two contact records.

For organizations, Pipedrive focuses on the "organization name" and "address" fields. If this information is similar, it will treat them as duplicates.

When Pipedrive identifies duplicates, you have the option to merge them. Most data will be retained, but Pipedrive will still ask you to prioritize one of the two records.

merge duplicates gives you a preview before merging two contacts in Pipedrive
Pipedrive gives you a preview before merging 2 contacts

Advantages and Limitations of Pipedrive's Merge Duplicates Tool

The main advantage of "merge duplicate": it's a native Pipedrive feature. Even if you have a basic subscription, you will still have access to this tool.

"Merge duplicates" automatically detects duplicate records:

  • With the same full name,
  • Two contact records working in the same company,

Saving you from manually filtering them.

However, "merge duplicates" will not be able to detect duplicates more finely. For example, if a lead has been entered a second time into your Pipedrive CRM with an error in their name and constitutes a duplicate record. Or if a company has been spelled in several ways and the address has not been entered. Additionally, you will need to manage the merging of your duplicates manually.

Dedupely Integrated with Pipedrive for Duplicate Detection

Dedupely is a platform that natively integrates with Pipedrive and manages duplicate data in your CRM.

Dedupely for duplicate management in Pipedrive
Dedupely - the platform integrated with Pipedrive

Duplicate Management Features of Dedupely

Dedupely is an external tool that natively integrates with Pipedrive. It offers a platform dedicated to duplicate management.

This platform focuses on the following actions:

  • Duplicate detection: identification according to rules programmed by you.
  • Duplicate merging: you will need to set the rules for merging duplicates.

Dedupely allows merging all primary Pipedrive CRM objects: contacts, organizations, deals, tickets.

Advantages and Limitations of Dedupely for Duplicate Management

Dedupely offers advanced identification and merging rules for Pipedrive. However, it requires access to an independent platform. The interface, although connected to your CRM, will be present in another tab (or window).

Dedupely merging rules overview
Dedupely merging rules overview

To handle duplicates in your Pipedrive, Dedupely will need settings. If the automatic scan is not enough, you can create duplicate identification rules.

For merging contacts, organizations, deals, or tickets, you also have the option to create rules. You can assign them more or less importance, and it's up to you to manage the criteria. You will need to get hands-on:

  • Create the desired duplicate detection rules,
  • Set the duplicate merging rules in the tool,
  • Launch the scan and merge

Be aware that if you have more than 25 occurrences for a duplicate, Dedupely will pause and ask you to manually accept this massive merge.On the other hand, be careful because this will have an impact on your data. Dedupely warns you from the start: once a merge is performed, there is no going back.

no turning back

Insycle Integrated with Pipedrive to Manage Duplicates

Insycle is an external duplicate management tool that integrates natively with Pipedrive. It has been specifically designed to help businesses optimize their CRM database by automating the detection and merging of duplicate data.

overview of Insycle integrated with Pipedrive for duplicate management
Insycle platform integrated with Pipedrive

Insycle's Duplicate Management Features

Insycle offers a comprehensive range of features to efficiently manage duplicates in your Pipedrive CRM:Advanced duplicate detection: by default, Insycle's algorithm identifies duplicates based on several criteria, such as name, email, phone number, and address.Customizable merge rules: you can define custom merge rules for each field type using a library of templates. You can also create your own merge rules if you are comfortable with this type of tool.Custom field management: Insycle supports your custom fields in Pipedrive, allowing you to create rules based on these fields.Data cleaning and normalization: in addition to managing duplicates, Insycle provides tools for cleaning and normalizing data, thus ensuring optimal quality of your database.

Insycle templates and recipes to create merging rules
Insycle has a library of recipes to create your merging rules

Advantages and Limitations of Insycle for Duplicate Management

Insycle has several advantages for managing duplicates in Pipedrive:Native integration: the tool integrates directly with your Pipedrive, making data synchronization easier.Automations: you can choose to automate duplicate merges so that they are processed regularly.Flexibility: customizable merge rules and support for custom fields in Pipedrive allow you to define the rules that suit you.

Some points to note for Insycle:Although integrated with Pipedrive, Insycle requires the use of an external platform to manage duplicates. You therefore leave the CRM framework to identify and process your duplicate contacts and organizations. Using Insycle involves an additional budget that may be significant for some small businesses or small agencies.

Dropcontact THE Solution to Detect and Merge Contacts in your Pipedrive Account

Like the previous solutions, Dropcontact integrates natively with Pipedrive.

Dropcontact's Duplicate Management Features for Pipedrive

Thanks to the native integration between Dropcontact and Pipedrive, your data will be cleaned, enriched, and up-to-date. An overview of Dropcontact's features for your Pipedrive:Duplicate identification: Dropcontact detects your duplicate contact or organization records, even without a common field; and that's the power of DropcontactAutomatic duplicate merging: once duplicates are detected, Dropcontact will automatically merge them. Even better: if you create a new contact or organization that already exists in your Pipedrive, Dropcontact will automatically merge the data.

Benefits of Dropcontact for Your Pipedrive CRM

Optimizing the management of your contacts in Pipedrive is essential for increasing your efficiency and maximizing your ROI. Dropcontact allows you to enjoy numerous benefits thanks to its integrated features, all while being 100% GDPR compliant. Here are some of the main advantages of Dropcontact for your Pipedrive:

Smart duplicate identification: Unlike traditional methods, Dropcontact detects duplicate contact and organization records, even if the fields are different between two records. Your CRM will always be up to date, and you will avoid prospecting errors.

Automatic duplicate merging: Dropcontact simplifies contact management by automatically merging duplicate records. So, when you create a new contact or organization that already exists in your Pipedrive, Dropcontact takes care of merging the data for you.

Transparency: The Dropcontact x Pipedrive integration is seamless. There is no need to access a third-party interface: Dropcontact identifies, merges, and updates your CRM data directly within your Pipedrive account.

Beyond duplicate management, Dropcontact finds your leads' emails, verifies them, enriches organization information, and updates your CRM in real-time.

Dropcontact automatically detects and merge duplicate contacts in Pipedrive
Dropcontact automatically detects and merge duplicate contacts in Pipedrive

Why Choose Dropcontact for Duplicate Detection and Merging in Pipedrive

Identification of Duplicate Contacts and Companies

Pipedrive's native tool and Dedupely identify duplicates based on fields like full name and email, making it easy to detect similar records.

For Dedupely, this identification can also be refined and customized.

Insycle operates via an algorithm and a series of customized rules for duplicate detection.

Dropcontact uses a duplicate detection algorithm. If the fields on two records differ, Dropcontact can detect if they are still duplicates.

Advanced Deduplication Algorithms for your CRM

Pipedrive's "merge duplicates" tool and Dedupely respond to deduplication rules, such as field similarity.

Insycle uses an algorithm system and allows customization of merge rules.

Dropcontact uses an advanced deduplication algorithm for accurate detection, enabling better contact management in your Pipedrive.

Smart CRM data merging

Pipedrive's native tool, Dedupely, and Insycle offer the possibility to merge duplicates manually. In the case of Dedupely and Insycle, it is also possible to create workflows to make merges semi-automatic. In these three solutions, you control how the data is merged.

Dropcontact offers automatic data merging. If duplicate records are detected, Dropcontact retains the up-to-date data. If a new record is created, Dropcontact checks its prior existence in your Pipedrive. In case of a duplicate, the contact or company record will be automatically merged.

Native Integration into Pipedrive for Complete Automation

The "merge duplicates" tool is available in Pipedrive regardless of your subscription. It is available as long as you have a Pipedrive license.

Dedupely and Insycle integrate natively into Pipedrive, without a third-party app. Once the integration is complete, you will need to visit the Dedupely interface or the Insycle platform.

Dropcontact also does not require a third-party app and natively integrates by simply adding your Pipedrive API key to Dropcontact. It's that easy!

Real-time data synchronization in your CRM

"merge duplicates" will display duplicates based on similar fields. Without changes to your Pipedrive CRM, the "merge duplicates" tool will not offer new duplicates to merge.

You can schedule or perform regular scans with Dedupely and Insycle to check on duplicates in your Pipedrive account.

Dropcontact detects a duplicate in real-time as soon as a contact or organization record is added or modified.

Dropcontact automatically detects duplicate organizations and merges them
Dropcontact will automatically detect duplicates organizations and merge them

Compatibility with Pipedrive's Custom Fields for Better Flexibility

Insycle and Dropcontact are compatible with Pipedrive's custom fields, providing more flexibility for customizing your contact and company records.

Quality Technical Support: Chat Support and a Detailed Knowledge Base

Each tool offers technical assistance to support its users.

Pipedrive is accessible via chat and email, even for the Essential version.

Dedupely's support responds to your inquiries through chat and offers online documentation.

Insycle and Dropcontact provide assistance via chat, email, as well as an online knowledge base and tutorials on their blogs.

Dropcontact can deduplicate your CRM database... and do so much more!

Dropcontact's Email Finder fully integrated with Pipedrive

Email Finder

When your leads are entered into Pipedrive, rely on Dropcontact's Email Finder to automatically identify their business email addresses without even needing to click! Merged with Pipedrive, the Dropcontact Email Finder facilitates the process of finding validated and legitimate email addresses for all your Pipedrive contacts.

Dropcontact's Email Verifier fully integrated with Pipedrive

Email Verifier

Feeling skeptical about an email address listed in your CRM or among prospective contacts? Dropcontact validates the precision and legitimacy of all business email addresses instantly. Dropcontact autonomously examines and authenticates all the professional email addresses in your database, reliably detecting and amending invalid, false, or erroneous addresses.

Dropcontact's CRM integration

Tired of manually checking and merging your duplicate contact and companies in your CRM? Take the lead with Dropcontact!

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The most frequently asked questions

How to detect duplicate contacts in Pipedrive?


Dropcontact automatically detects duplicate contacts and organizations in your Pipedrive CRM, even when their fields vary.

Why are duplicate contacts and organizations in Pipedrive an issue?


Having multiple copies of a contact or a company makes your data less reliable. As a result, your bounce rate is impacted, and you get more and more outdated information. Integrated with Pipedrive, Dropcontact automatically handles these duplicates by identifying and merging them. This way, your Pipedrive database remains constantly up-to-date!

How to prevent the creation of duplicate contacts when importing data into Pipedrive?


When a contact or an organization is created in Pipedrive, Dropcontact automatically checks if there is a duplicate and merges the records while keeping the most up-to-date data.

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