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B2B Email Finder

Dropcontact is the best 100% GDPR compliant solution tool
to find nominative and verified B2B email addresses.


Professional email finder

Dropcontact only needs a first name, last name and company's website to search for and find the contact's B2B email.

You can drag-and-drop databases files to enrich thousands of lines of contacts.

The email finder, or single search, directly online, displays the result instantly.

Dropcontact provides you with professional and company's data for each of your B2B contacts.

Dropcontact: the email finder for B2B contacts
Research, verification and qualification of BtoB emails

B2B email address checker

Dropcontact verifies all the email addresses present in your contacts' list.

Unlike other solutions on the market that use databases to enrich and verify emails, Dropcontact is the only solution that has developed its own algorithms and test servers to guarantee 100% GDPR compliant data.

All emails are checked and verified at 98% (85% for catch-alls).


Enrich contact email and company data

All of your B2B contacts information is centralized, standardized and thoroughly completed.

Dropcontact also enriches your contacts' companies informations such as their addresses and legal information.

before / after = Dropcontact enriches all B2B emails
Research and verification of BtoB emails

Few seconds or minutes to find all B2B infirmation

⏱ Dropcontact's search can sometimes take a couple of minutes, while the algorithms and test servers perform their magic.

Unlike other solutions, Dropcontact does not have databases to enrich your contacts, but exclusive algorithms and test servers.
This difference makes Dropcontact the only 100% GDPR compliant solution on the market.

A few minutes of waiting are therefore necessary to have and use fully GDPR compliant B2B data.

Other features

Dropcontact is much more than an email finder.
It verifies and harmonizes all data provided, and also detects and merges all duplicate contacts and companies.

Company change alert

A CRM doesn't have to contain duplicate contacts and companies.

Dropcontact automatically detects and merges them without any loss of data.

Company change tracking and alert

Job enrichment

Being able to segment your prospects and customers list according to their job, is essential to personalize your communications (Cold Email, or call)

Dropcontact identifies and adds your contacts' position when enriching your files or your CRM.

B2B contact's job enrichment

Duplicates merger

All contact or company duplicates are identified... and are automatically merged.

Data quality and integrity are guaranteed.

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts

Email Verifier

Email addresses are automatically tested and verified. Invalid, false or incorrect emails are systematically detected, corrected or deleted.

No need to check them again, Dropcontact does it automatically, with no extra cost.

B2B email verifier

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