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Native integration into Salesforce

Integrating Dropcontact into Salesforce is so simple: your contacts are enriched and updated automatically... and your duplicates are systematically merged!

Salesforce x Dropcontact integration : automatic enrichment and clean data into your CRM

Increase the potential
of your Sales teams

Integrating Dropcontact into Salesforce only takes a few minutes: the first tests are done in your Sandbox, for full security.

The Dropcontact team still remain at your disposal to help you if necessary 🤗

Salesforce becomes more powerful and saves you time!

Picto - Automatic enrichment of B2B emails

B2B leads, contacts, accounts enrichment

Picto - Verification and validation of professional emails - RGPD

Emails and information checking

Picto - Auto update of your CRM B2B data and emails

duplicates merging

Dropcontact and Salesforce
Your super CRM

Dropcontact is integrated with Salesforce to make your CRM a powerful, essential and easy to use tool.

Salesforce integration to focus on sales, not data enrichment
Salesforce Integration: automatic search and verification of professional emails

Full integration with Salesforce

Integrate Dropcontact directly into Salesforce in a few clicks.
You can test Dropcontact into Salesforce for 14 days for free. Dropcontact will enrich your leads, contacts and accounts starting with A, B, C or D in your Sandbox.
After this test, your database is entirely enriched, cleaned, and updated.

You'll never waste another minute managing your data quality in Salesforce again. 🤗

 Dropcontact integrated with Salesforce CRM without dev
Picto - Dropcontact power and efficiency in Salesforce

Focus on your sales!

... And no longer on managing and updating your lead, contact, or account databases.

With Dropcontact's native integration, your Salesforce CRM takes on a whole new dimension:
     - Automatic enrichment of all your contact files
     - Data cleaning
  - Intelligent merging of duplicates
     - Up-to-date contacts' data, whatever their level of maturity

Don't waste any more time cleaning your CRM

Leads and contacts

Picto - Search for professional email address

Find emails

With a combination of first name + last name + company website (or the company's name), the lead or contact is enriched with the nominative email.

Picto - Pro email validation

Email validation

Each email is automatically checked and validated by Dropcontact's 100% GDPR algorithms.
The average email validity rate is 98% (or 85% for catch-alls)‍

Picto - Qualified professional emails

Qualified emails

All leads' or contacts' emails are qualified: @pro, @personal, nominative@, generic, possibly catch-all@.

Picto - Pro email address correction

Information storing

Each field has its own information, so each lead's and contact's personal data is standardized and organized.

Picto - B2B email addresses correction

Correct email address

No more typos or mistakes. Dropcontact finds mistakes and corrects them instantly when a contact or lead is added or modified.

Picto - Recovering signature contacts

Recovering signatures

The information present in your contacts' or lead's email signatures (telephones, functions, addresses, LinkedIn profile...), are automatically extracted by Dropcontact in complete confidentiality to enrich your existing data.

Picto - Extracting information from professional email addresses

Extract the information
from the email

The email address is used to find and retrieve the first name, last name and company name of your lead or contact.
All information is stored in the corresponding fields.

Picto - CRM data enrichment

Correct first name

Capitalization, accents, special characters... First names are automatically corrected and standardized.

Picto - adding and enriching the phone number

Find phone numbers

The lead or contact's card is automatically enriched with their business phone number. The phone number corresponds to the E.164 standard and is returned in international format.

Picto - Enriching and adding the civility of a B2B contact

Add gender

Dropcontact finds and automatically adds the gender of each of your contacts and leads.

Picto - Merge B2B contact emails

Delete duplicates

Duplicates are detected in real time and automatically merged. No data loss!
No need for common fields for Dropcontact to identify duplicates.

Automatic merge manages information conflicts and allows you to consolidate data from several contact/leads sheets.

Picto - Automatically add LinkedIn person and company profiles

Add LinkedIn

The LinkedIn profile of contacts and leads is found and added automatically (the average fill rate is 85%).

Picto - inversion of first and last names in pro contact list

Correct name/first name inversions

All contacts and leads are now standardized: First and last name inversion errors are corrected without any manual action.

Picto - First name correction in pro contact list

Delete encoded characters and emoticons

Encoded characters and emojis are corrected or deleted.


Picto - adding websites of B2B companies

Add website

The website for each account is found and added from the company name, or business email address of the contact associated with the account.

Picto - adds and enriches the public phone number

Find phone numbers

The telephone number of the account is found and added with the E.164 standard and returned in international format.

Picto - Adding the company's activity sector automatically

Find the sector of activity

The NAF2 code and business sector are found for accounts registered in France.

Picto - adds and formats the company address of your BtoB contacts

Finding and formatting the mailing address

The postal address of the account is added to the Postal Standard NFZ 10-011 AFNOR (only for addresses in France).

Picto - Automatically add the company's workforce to your pro contacts

Find the range of staff

The account's staff size range is automatically found (only on companies registered in France)

Picto - Adding automatically the VAT number of the prospects data

Add VAT number

The intra-community VAT number is found for all French companies.

Picto - Ajout auto du numéro Siren des emails prospects

Add SIREN number

The SIREN number is added to the account card if it corresponds to a French company.

Free trial

Free Registration
Your banking information is not required to test the tool.

Picto - test Dropcontact for freePicto - Dropcontact free trial
Dropcontact: the only 100% RGPD compliant solution integrated into Salesforce
Picto - Dropcontact API available

100% GDPR compliant

Dropcontact is the only solution integrated with Salesforce that complies with GDPR standards.

Dropcontact enriches the leads and contacts emails that your Sales and Marketing teams already have.

No database is used, Dropcontact uses its own algorithms and test servers to deliver clean and update business data.

Your data is confidential, it does not leave your Salesforce account.

Other CRM integrations

Natively integrated into your favorite CRM, Dropcontact fills in, enriches and verifies each contact and company record for you
Pipedrive integration : Email finder and B2B lead enrichment


If you use Pipedrive as a CRM, Dropcontact is also fully integrated.

Contact enrichment (emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn, company information...), duplicates detection and merging are done AUTOMATICALLY!

More about the Dropcontact x Pipedrive integration
Hubspot integration : Automatic lead data into your CRM


Dropcontact is integrated into Hubspot.

Forget about searching, checking your contacts' email addresses and all its necessary information.

Dropcontact does it for you 🧡 + 💚

More about the Dropcontact x Hubspot integration
Test Dropcontact to find your emailsPicto - try Dropcontact for free

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