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Phantombuster automates sales and marketing processes.

  • LinkedIn Scraping (but also Facebook, Twitter...).
  • Automate interactions with your leads: LinkedIn invitation or message, auto-like or auto-reply on LinkedIn.
  • Automatic enrichment of your prospects: addition of verified professional email address, title, company's legal information...
  • Personalized workflow: scraping, hyper-personalized messaging, B2B contact enrichment, and much more!

Dropcontact is integrated with all of the B2B scenarios.
You can enrich directly in your Sales Automation scenarios to find the verified and qualified pro email, standardize the contact data (First name, Last name, title...), and add all the company's legal data.

Enrichment before sending the message in the prospecting scenario allows you to hyper-personalize each of your communications.

You have to enter your Dropcontact API key in Phantombuster to enrich all your contacts.


lemlist is undoubtedly the reference amongst cold email solutions.
But lemlist doesn't just do Cold Email, the tool goes much further and now allows you to automate your multi-channel prospecting by adding LinkedIn to its sequences.

  • LinkedIn Scraping.
  • Leads enrichment with Dropcontact.
  • Hyper-personalization of messages (thanks to Liquid language).
  • Cold-Email sequences, LinkedIn invitations/messages.

To enrich your leads directly in your Cold Emails sequences, you need a Dropcontact account and enter the Dropcontact API key in your lemlist settings: nothing could be easier.

The Growth Machine

The Growth Machine is a fully customizable solution that allows you to automate your B2B multi-channel prospecting: LinkedIn, Twitter, Cold Email.

  • LinkedIn or Twitter scraping.
  • Automated invitation sending on LinkedIn with or without note.
  • Send hyper-personalized messages or emails with enrichment by Dropcontact.
  • Timing or condition in your prospecting rate according to your needs.

🔥 The Growth Machine is one of the only solutions to bypass the 100 weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn.

Dropcontact is integrated with The Growth Machine: No need to enter your Dropcontact API key. Enrichment by Dropcontact is included in your LGM subscription.

Captain Data

Captain Data helps Marketing, Sales, and Growth teams to automate lead generation and prospecting.

Captain Data scrapes LinkedIn and extracts data from almost all websites, including LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator: find prospects, enrich them, address them in a hyper-personalized and 100% automatic way.

Dropcontact is integrated into Captain Data. By entering your API key, or your team members', you can benefit from all the features of Dropcontact, the only 100% solution GDPR: Adding, enriching, verifying, and qualifying your leads' professional email addresses.


Waalaxy is a multi-channel Sales Automation solution: Prospectin new version.

Directly via the Waalaxy extension, it is possible to :

  • Scrape the LinkedIn profiles of your targeted leads and prospects.
  • Send personalized invitations automatically.
  • Automatically enrich leads before contacting them.
  • Send ultra-personalized LinkedIn messages with Dropcontact enrichment.
  • Launching Cold Emails campaigns.

Dropcontact is directly integrated with Waalaxy's PREMIUM subscription plan: 500 Dropcontact enriched emails are included.


ProspectWith allows you to target and find your future leads and prospects according to a number of targeting criteria:

  • Industry and sector of activity
  • Technologies used
  • Country of the company's headquarters
  • Company size
  • Website traffic
  • Contact function

After targeting your future clients, ProspectWith uses LinkedIn and many other sites to collect all the information present on the company's LinkedIn page, the contact's profile, the website...
Dropcontact then directly enriches each contact with the qualified and verified business email address. The enrichment is guaranteed to be 100% GDPR compliant.

To connect Dropcontact to ProspectWith, you must have a Dropcontact subscription and enter your Dropcontact API key directly into ProspectWith: the enrichment is automatic.


Pharow allows you to target and find your prospects without using the LinkedIn platform or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, based on certain criteria:

  • Sector of activity
  • Company size
  • Function / position of the person
  • Location

Dropcontact is included in Pharow, and the number of enrichments depends on your current subscription.


monday.com is a platform that allows creating and personalizing many dashboards and management tables.

With monday.com, you can create your own CRM and plug it with Dropcontact to automate your business contacts and companies enrichment.

The integration of Dropcontact in monday.com was done by our partner iNetProcess, which supports companies in their digital transformation and the implementation of automated and personalized business solutions.

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Humanlinker helps sales team be more efficient by reducing time-consuming tasks and giving them the keys to hyper-personalize their interactions.

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Rows is a powerful spreadsheet integrated with many tools.

Rows allows you to create your own CRM, manage your databases...

With Dropcontact, when you enter a B2B contact, it is automatically enriched with their professional email address, professional phone number, LinkedIn profile, titles, and all the company's legal information...

Dropcontact is natively integrated and included in Rows subscriptions.


QuickMail is a Cold Email solution that allows you to import your leads, check and qualify emails with Dropcontact, personalize your messages, and schedule your sequences.


TexAu allows you to create your own personalized prospecting workflows.
Targeting, LinkedIn scraping, enriching, personalizing, and addressing: setting up your own automated multi-channel prospecting machine becomes very simple in just a few clicks.

Dropcontact integrates with TexAu by entering your API key directly into the 100% GDPR contact enrichment module.


Leadjet is a Chrome extension that allows you to connect your LinkedIn to your CRM.
A simple click on your lead's LinkedIn profile allows you to extract their public data and create a customer file directly in your CRM.

When integrated with Dropcontact, your contact record is not only created, it is fully standardized, enriched and merged if it already exists in your CRM: standardization of the first name, last name, addition of the title, addition and qualification of the verified personal email address, addition of the business phone number, the legal information of the company and its website...

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The connection with Pabbly allows you to connect the applications you use and send data from one application the other.

With Dropcontact, you can enrich your data directly in the applications that manage your B2B contacts such as your spreadsheets, your CRM, or other forms.


A tool designed as the answer to your busy days by automating the tasks you usually handle manually.
KonnectzIT as a no-code workflow automation builder platform will give superpower to your tasks on Dropcontact by orchestrating all your workflows.

With our innovative flow builder feature, you can now start creating automation in minutes.
Dropcontact integration will let you connect, integrate and automate your work in fields such as eCommerce, sales, HR, marketing, accounting, productivity, and many more categories.  

Get it done. Simply & Quickly with KonnectzIT.

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Integrately is a single click integration no-code platform .
You can build your own automations, without any code and make your B2B prospection a real Sales Machine.

Find automatically verified and nominative business emails, enrich contacts and find all companies legal information when your specified trigger is activated.

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And so much more to come... Stay tuned 🤙🏻

CRM integrations

Natively integrated into your favourite CRM,
Dropcontact fills in, enriches and verifies each contact and company record for you.
Salesforce CRM integration to clean your your data


Dropcontact also integrates with Salesforce to enrich and update your contacts and to merge your duplicate contacts.

Discover the Dropcontact x Salesforce integration
Hubspot CRM integration : automatic B2B contacts enrichment and merging


Dropcontact in Hubspot is a great powerfull integration.
Droponctact automates the enrichment, update and verification of all your contact records directly in your CRM.

Discover the Dropcontact x Hubspot integration
Pipedrive CRM integration : Focus on sales not on your B2B data enrichment


Dropcontact integrates with Pipedrive, without any development. It takes a single click to find emails, enrich your contacts, detect and merge all duplicates in an intelligent and automatic way.

Discover the Dropcontact x Pipedrive integration
Sales Automation : Email finder, B2B leads enrichment, duplicates merging

with Zapier

Dropcontact is available in Zapier to connect your CRM or all your Sales and Marketing tools to turn your prospecting into a powerhouse.

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