Picto - Features Dropcontact : find and enrichir B2B emailspicto - features Dropcontact : email finder and B2B data enrichment

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The essential tool to automatically find and enrich all your B2B emails


Picto - Search for professional email address

Email finder

Verified nominative email addresses enrichment using the first name + last name + company website (or optionally the company name)

Picto - Pro email validation

Email verifier

Each email is checked and guaranteed to be 98% valid (or 85% for catch-alls) by Dropcontact algorithms.
No database is used, the solution is 100% GDPR compliant.

B2B Email finder, B2B email verifier and B2B email qualifier
Picto - Qualified professional emails

Email qualifier

Emails are qualified as @pro, @personal, nominative@, generic@.

Picto - correction des adresses emails B2B

Email correction

If there's an error in a professional e-mail address, Dropcontact detects it and corrects it automatically.

Picto - Pro email addresses correction

Places the information in the right field

The email address, phone number, first name, last name, and company name are placed in the right mapping fields.

Picto - Extracting information from professional email addresses

Email address information extraction

All the information present in an email address is extracted and placed in the right mapping fields (first name, last name, company).


Picto - adding and enriching the phone number

Phone numbers enrichment

The contact's business phone number is automatically added.
The phone number is processed in E.164 standard and returned in international format.

Picto - Recovering signature contacts

Signature extraction
Google certification

Dropcontact automatically extracts all your contacts' email signature information (email, phone, position, address, LinkedIn profile...), from your and your employees' inboxes.

Picto - add en enrich job

Job enrichment

Dropcontact adds the current contact's job.
It's a great enrichment to segment and personnalize Β sales.

Picto - Company change alert and tracking

Company change alert

Dropcontact identifies when a person has changed companies πŸ”₯

Picto - Merge contact emails

Duplicate contacts merging

Dropcontact detects duplicates even if they have no matching fields : it's automatic and smart.

Automatic merging manages information conflicts and allows you to consolidate data from several contact sheets.

B2B data enrichment, email finder and verifier
Picto - CRM data enrichment

First name correction

First names are corrected: Capitalization added, accents corrected...

Picto - Enriching and adding the civility of a B2B contact

Addition of titles

Dropcontact adds the proper form of address (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.) to allow you to customize your communications.

Picto - inversion of first and last names in pro contact list

Name/first name inversion

Errors regarding first and last name inversions are fixed.

Picto - Automatically add LinkedIn person and company profiles

Social network profiles enrichment

Dropcontact adds the contact's LinkedIn profile. Average fill in rate is 85%.

Picto - First name correction in pro contact list

Toxic characters removal

Encrypted characters or emojis are corrected or deleted.


Picto - adding websites of B2B companies

Website finder

Dropcontact automatically adds the company website either from the company name or from the business email address.

Picto - adds and enriches the public phone number

Phone number enrichment

The company phone number is automatically added.

The phone number is processed in E.164 standard and returned in international format.

Picto - Adding the company's activity sector automatically

Addition of industry*

The NAF2 code and the industry sector are added

Picto - adds and formats the company address of your BtoB contacts

Mailing address addition and formating*

The address is set to the NFZ 10-011 AFNOR postal standard.

Dropcontact enriches and qualifies all company information

* Available for French companies - Soon for world companies

Picto - Automatically add the company's workforce to your pro contacts

Addition of the number of employees*

The number of employees of the company is automatically added.

Picto - Adding automatically the VAT number of the prospects data

VAT identification number addition*

Dropcontact automatically adds the intra-Community VAT number.

Picto - Automatically add Siren number to prospect emails

Siren number addition*

The SIREN number is added to the company's card.


Picto - No database to enrich your data

No databases

Dropcontact is the only solution that doesn't use databases to enrich contacts, and thus guarantees 100% GDPR compliant data.

Picto - Dropcontact is GDPR compliant

100% GDPR compliant

The only 100% GDPR compliant solution.
Dropcontact doesn't sell contacts: only your own prospect records are enriched and cleaned.

GDPR compliant email finder tool
Picto - Enrichment tool that guarantees data confidentiality

Confidentiality guaranteed

Your contact files are strictly confidential.

They never leave your account.

Picto - ethical and independent B2B email enrichment tool

An ethical tool

You wouldn't give away your data to your competitors, would you ?

Well, neither would we! πŸ’š

Picto - up-to-date data enrichment tool

Updated data

Dropcontact systematically delivers updated information.

Questions and answers

Is Dropcontact a LinkedIn scraping tool?


Dropcontact is not a solution that extracts data from LinkedIn or any other website πŸ˜‰

We have developed our own real-time search algorithms, which enrich a contact's business data based on their first name, last name, and company.
When scraping LinkedIn, we recommend that you always include the company's website. Thanks to the website your enrichment results will improve by 10-20% πŸš€

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ More about LinkedIn scraping

Does Dropcontact find private email addresses and phone numbers?


In accordance with GDPR, Dropcontact only searches for B2B email addresses and does not provide private phone numbers.
πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Why doesn't Dropcontact find private information?

What is the average email enrichment rate?


Dropcontact has a totally unique approach to B2B email address enrichment.
Dropcontact has developed its own algorithms and test servers that generate verified personal email addresses on demand. This unique approach makes Dropcontact a 100% GDPR compliant solution.
The execution of the Dropcontact algorithm in real-time, can sometimes take a little time (tens of seconds at most), be patient πŸ€—

The average email address enrichment rate is between 60 and 70%.

Can Dropcontact enrich information from companies only?


Yes, Dropcontact enriches business information from a company name.

At this stage, the enrichment of company information is valid for French companies only.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ More about the enrichment from a company name

Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at support@dropcontact.io
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