Integration with Zapier

Dropcontact integrations open up hundreds of possibilities for you to create your own workflows: 100% automatic!

Connecting Dropcontact to over 2,000 applications with Zapier


Zapier allows you to create thousands of workflows to automate your Sales and Marketing processes.

Zapier helps you to automate all your tasks by connecting the applications you use with each other.

The integration of Dropcontact in Zapier allows you to find, verify and validate a B2B email address, directly in your favorite tools and without any development or technical knowledge.

Make your own workflows or get inspiration from the most popular templates already designed.

Discover all Zapier x Dropcontact templates

Why use Zapier to integrate Dropcontact into your own tools?


Automate your processes

For Sales and Marketing teams, retrieving B2B contacts, storing this data, sending email campaigns, checking and enriching emails are daily and indispensable tasks!
And there are as many tools as there are needs!

Focus on your real added value by automating the daily tasks around the management of your B2B leads and contacts with Zapier and Dropcontact.

With Zapier, connect Dropcontact to over 2000 applications


Dropcontact provides templates to automate the search, verification and enrichment of B2B prospects or leads.

⏰ 3 minutes top time to set up an automated workflow and save hours of efficiency.

Automation Zapier: contact files to enrich, find professional email addresses

No code, no dev

The integration of Dropcontact with Zapier is accessible to all: no code, no development!

Sales and Marketing teams are autonomous to automate their redundant B2B contact enrichment and verification tasks.

With the Dropcontact API, build your own sales workflow

The most popular Zaps ready to save even more time!

Logo Zapier - Integrate Dropcontact in any CRM

Zap : Integrate Dropcontact in any CRM

With Zapier, you can integrate Dropcontact with any CRM available on the platform.

Dropcontact will thus allow you to enrich, verify and update all the contacts in Agile CRM, Intercom, Marketo or Zendesk Sell Leads .

Marketing and Sales teams are now assured of the quality of their B2B data directly in their CRM.

Logo Zapier - Automatically enrich your B2B contact files

Zap: Automatically enrich your B2B contact files

The Dropcontact zap allows you to automatically enrich your B2B contact files on Google Sheet, Microsoft Excel, Airtable...
A table with only 3 columns (first name, last name and website - failing that, the company name) is enough to find, check and update all your B2B contacts.

Dropcontact is 100% GDPR compliant, the solution only enriches the business contacts you already have.

Logo Zapier - Send ultra-personalized emails

Zap: Send ultra-personalized emails

The Dropcontact integration in Zapier allows you to connect your B2B contact databases to your email sending tool.

Title, first name with a capital letter, gender, company, sector of activity... Dropcontact provides you with all the elements to hyper-personalize all your emails directly in Mailchimp, lemlist or QuickMail...

Logo Zapier - Generate, verify and enrich your B2B leads

Zap: Generate, enrich and verify leads

Generating leads is good... Generating qualified AND verified leads is even better.

Automate the enrichment and verification of your B2B contacts at the very moment they register on one of your forms: Typeform, Eventbrit, LiveStorm, Instapage... and so much more!

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