Dropcontact's features

Dropcontact is a flexible solution designed to adapt to your search,
verification, and enrichment of B2B emails needs.

Welcome to the era of data cleansing integrated and 100% GDPR compliant

Main features

Dropcontact : The best email finder tool

Email Finder

Dropcontact is an email finder that searches, finds, verifies and enriches all B2B emails and contacts.

No database, but exclusively its own algorithms and test servers: this makes Dropcontact the only 100% GDPR-compliant solution...

Dropcontact : Duplicate merging - 100% automatic

Company change alert

A lead or client who changes companies represents a true opportunity for Sales and Marketing teams.

When enriching your B2B contact files, Dropcontact notifies you if your prospect has changed companies.

Dropcontact: the best B2B Email verifier

Job enrichment

The more information you have about your B2B prospects, the more personalization is possible and therefore... the more efficient your prospecting is!

Dropcontact adds your contact's job when enriching your files, your CRM or via the API.

Dropcontact : Duplicate merging - 100% automatic

Duplicates detection and merging

Dropcontact guarantees data quality in CRMs.
All duplicated contact records are detected, even without common fields... And are automatically merged, without any data loss.

Dropcontact: the best B2B Email verifier

Email address checker

Dropcontact automatically tests and verifies all your business email addresses. Invalid, false or incorrect addresses are systematically detected, corrected or deleted.
No need to check them again, Dropcontact does it for you!

Dropcontact x ZAPIER - B2B tools

Zapier x Dropcontact

Dropcontact is available in Zapier, and allows you to create hundreds of custom workflows integrating the search, enrichment and verification of your B2B data.
100% No Code


Dropcontact x Pipedrive - CRM integratio

Pipedrive x Dropcontact

Your Pipedrive CRM, is automatically enriched, updated and cleaned thanks to Dropcontact's native integration.
Set up doesn't require any specific development, and is done in a few minutes.

Dropcontact x Salesforce - CRM integratio

Salesforce x Dropcontact

Leads and prospects in Salesforce CRM are automatically enriched thanks to Dropcontact's native integration.

Duplicate records are identified and merged without manual intervention.

Dropcontact x Hubspot - B2B tools

Hubspot x Dropcontact

Dropcontact is integrated into Hubspot CRM to enrich its data, automatically update it and merge ALL duplicates.

Turn your CRM into a real Sales and Marketing powerhouse.

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