Is Dropcontact the best alternative to Hunter.io?

One of the most used solutions to find professional email addresses today is Hunter.io ‍

They're currently claiming 4 million users.

Let us show you why you should use Dropcontact instead!


Email address verification

With Hunter.io, you need to verify the professional email address you have found. When trying to find an email address, Hunter.io provides a confidence rate. This percentage may be high but after checking the email address with their own tool, it can still be invalid!

So you have to pay again to check email addresses that you have just bought - and some of them are fake πŸ€”

Dropcontact provides you with professional email addresses, verified by our own algorithms. They are guaranteed 95% valid and the verification is included in the search.

If an address is wrong, you just have to send it to us and we will refund it to you.

Hunter.io: 1 credit to verify the email address
Dropcontact: the verification is included

Catch-all email addresses

When searching for a professional email address, catch-all email addresses may be found. A company may have configured its mail server to catch-all, which means that the server accepts to receive all emails from the domain, even if the address does not actually exist. In this case, it will be impossible to know if an email address exists or not.

So when you are looking for email addresses, it is better to have as few catch-all email addresses as possible.

Hunter.io provides you with catch-all email addresses with a high confidence rate. If you do not get them checked, you might send emails to invalid addresses and your messages will never be read.

On the other hand Dropcontact always tells you if an email address is a catch-all (qualification: @catch-all).

email finder : search and find professional address email verfier : verify b2B email address

Dropcontact, the all-in-one solution

Dropcontact goes even further and:
- adds the title in front of the name of your contacts
- rectifies first name/last name inversions and corrects first names
- detects and merges duplicates, even without common fields
- corrects false domains and email addresses
- normalizes your contacts' information
- enriches contact data (professional email, professional mobile phone, LinkedIn profile...)
- enriches company data

More competitive prices

Hunter.io offers two types of credits:
- Credits for email verification: 1 credit for each verified email address
- Credits for finding emails: 1 credit for each email search (single search or with a .csv file)

Dropcontact only uses 1 credit to find a verified professional email address with the last name, the first name and the company name of the contact you're looking for πŸ˜‰

‍Dropcontact: the search for a verified professional email address uses 1 credit; you have 1,000 requests per month from $24.
the search for a professional email address and its verification cost 2 credits; you have 500 email searches and 1000 email verifications per month for $49.

Try Dropcontact!

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