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Automate your Sales process with Dropcontact and n8n! Now, the sales machine automatically integrates the business email address enrichment.It's not magic. It's Dropcontact and n8n.

Connect Dropcontact to all of your web services and apps with n8n


n8n is a free, open source automation plateform.

With n8n, you can connect more than 200 apps to customize workflows and automate so many tasks.

There are 3 ways to use n8n and be more efficient with your daily tasks:    
- n8n Cloud is the hosted solution. You don't need to install anything    
- Desktop App is the easiest way to test and learn using n8n    
- The self-host method: you have to install n8n on your server but you can do anything with security and without limit.

The Dropcontact node allows you to automatically find, verify and validate nominative emails and enrich your contacts with all efficient information to contact him.

Now, you can easily make your own workflows or get inspiration from the most popular templates already designed.

Discover how to use Dropcontact with n8n

Why use n8n to integrate Dropcontact into your services?


Automate your processes

Retrieving business email addresses and contacts' personal information, storing this data, sending email campaigns, checking and enriching emails, and keeping them up-to-date are daily and crucial tasks!

But it is very annoying, right?
There are tools to automate all these tasks!

Focus on your real added value by automating the daily tasks around managing your B2B leads and contacts with n8n and Dropcontact.

Avec n8n, connectez Dropcontact à plus de 200 applications
n8n automation : fichiers de contacts à enrichir, trouver des adresses email professionnelles


Dropcontact provides templates to automate the scraping, search, verification and enrichment of B2B prospects or leads.

⏰ 3 minutes time to set up an automated workflow and save hours of efficiency.


No code tool

The integration of Dropcontact with n8 is thorough.
No code, the node is ready for you.

You just need a few clicks to automate your redundant B2B contact enrichment and verification tasks.

Grâce à l'API de Dropcontact, créez votre propre workflows de vente.

The most popular n8n workflows ready to save even more time!

Picto n8n - intégration CRM

Most popular workflows using Dropcontact

tous les templates n8n pour utiliser Dropcontact

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