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Cleaning Salesforce with Dropcontact
MIT is using Dropcontact to find, verifiy and enrich busiess email addresses
Welcome To The Jungle is using Dropcontact to find, verify and qualifiy all of his business leads
Euronext uses Dropcontact to find and verify business emails
Amazon AWS is a Dropcontact customer to enrich business contacts

Eliminate Duplicates and Streamline
your Salesforce CRM Data

Effortlessly handle contacts and companies accross multiple team members and entry points

Pinpoint duplicate contacts and accounts in your Salesforce CRM

Pinpoint Duplicate Contacts and Accounts

Avoid the hassle of manually seeking out and removing duplicates in your database.
Dropcontact streamlines the process by automatically identifiying duplicate contacts and companies (accounts), ensuring efficient prospecting.

Automatically merge duplicates with dropcontact integrated in your Salesforce CRM

Automatically Merge Duplicates

Beyond merely detecting duplicates, Dropcontact skillfully merges them into a consolidatedrecord to eliminate confusion and unnecessary actions regarding the same contact

Get the ability to automatically identify all duplicate contacts or companies, even in the absence of common fields.

🔥 Dropcontact leverages the strength of real-time algorithms

Speed up your B2B Customer Acquisition Journey with Salesforce

Combine Dropcontact and Salesforce to amplify your prospecting capabilities exponentially.
Enhance efficiency and pace to secure new B2B customers and expand your enterprise.

Dropcontact's Email Finder integrated with Salesforce CRM to get verified emails

Email Finder Integrated with Salesforce

Quickly uncover your prospects' professional email addresses using Dropcontact's Email Finder.

The seamless integration of Dropcontact Email Finder with Salesforce enables you to collect verified and legitimate email addresses, enhancing your contact list.

Benefit from the sole Email Finder fully integrated with Salesforce without relying on any database: 100% GDPR compliant.

Dropcontact's Email Verifier integrated with Salesforce CRM

Built-in Email Verifier Feature in Salesforce

Save time by steering clear of invalid or outdated email addresses.

Dropcontact verifies the validity of email addresses in real-time, ensuring optimized email campaigns and enhanced deliverability – the foundation for successful prospecting.

Dropcontact sends change company or job alert in your Salesforce CRM

Turnover Notifications
Premium option

Keep track of your contacts' professional transitions with the company change alert.

Dropcontact alerts you the moment a contact moves to a new position or company, empowering you to modify your communication strategy and preserve solid relationships with your prospects and customers.

Elevate your prospecting productivity with the combined strength of Salesforce and Dropcontact

The integration of Dropcontact with Salesforce delivers a streamlined and productive prospecting journey.
Harness the combined power of Dropcontact and Salesforce to optimize your prospecting results and successfully convert more leads into customers.

Dropcontact's data enrichment fully integrated with your Salesforce CRM

Live, Authenticated Improvement of Salesforce Contact Data

Dropcontact constantly updates your contacts with confirmed details, providing a consistently accurate and trustworthy database.

Bid farewell to obsolete and imprecise data, and enjoy a comprehensive and precise understanding of your contacts.

Enrichment of companies automatically in Salesforce

Comprehensive Accounts' Data Enhancement

Obtain a complete view of the companies you're pursuing, courtesy of Dropcontact's information enrichment. Explore legal data, workforce size, business sector, financial performance, and beyond.

Leverage this invaluable data to hone your prospecting tactics and customize your sales pitch to suit the particularities of each company.

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Follow in the footsteps of countless companies that have turned to Dropcontact and Salesforce to accelerate their growth. Choose efficiency and ingenuity by integrating Dropcontact into your B2B prospecting approach today!

The most frequently asked questions

How to delete duplicates on Salesforce?

Through Dropcontact integration, real-time duplicate detection and merging are achieved. The algorithms instantly recognize whether your lead's contact or organization already exists in your CRM, even without a shared field 🪄

Duplicates are combined seamlessly, retaining all information. Leave the Salesforce cleanup to Dropcontact and focus on what matters!

How to merge contacts on Salesforce?

With Dropcontact integration in Salesforce, effortlessly eliminate concerns about duplicate merging — it's all automated.

Dropcontact identifies and merges duplicates across all Salesforce information sheets.

How to update your contacts automatically in Salesforce?

Dropcontact continuously enhances contact and company records in real time.
Whenever a lead or company is added or altered, Dropcontact verifies the contact information's accuracy and updates it as needed.

Experience automatic contact and company enrichment with Dropcontact.

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