Detection and merging of duplicates in your CRM

Identify and merge duplicate records (even without common field). It's not magic, it's Dropcontact!


CRM: duplicate contact records detection

Guaranteeing contact data quality is one of Dropcontact's main missions.

Thanks to its algorithms, Dropcontact detects and identifies all contact, lead, or company records duplicates directly in Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive CRMs.

Dropcontact: Detection of contacts, duplicate companies in CRM or your files
Dropcontact: Merge duplicate contacts in CRM and merged files

Duplicates merge in CRM

Dropcontact cleans up your lead and customer databases by merging all duplicated data.

It detects and merges all contacts duplicates without any loss of information in the process.

Deduplicate your prospect, lead, customer, or company databases without any human intervention - everything is automatic.

Dropcontact's other features

Email Verifier

No need to verify after enriching your emails, Dropcontact does it for you with no extra cost.

Dropcontact automatically tests and verifies all B2B email addresses. It systematically detects, corrects and deletes invalid, false or incorrect email addresses.

Business email verification

Email Finder

Dropcontact finds, verifies and enriches all B2B emails and contacts without any database, but exclusively with proprietary algorithms and test servers.

Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

B2B email address search

Company change alert

A CRM doesn't have to be full of duplicate contacts and companies!

Dropcontact automatically detects and merges them without any data loss.

Company change tracking and alert

Job enrichment

Being able to segment your prospect and customer base according to their jobs, is essential to personalize your communications (Cold Email, or call)

Dropcontact identifies your prospects or contacts positions when enriching your files or your CRM.

B2B contact's job enrichment

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