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Cleaning Pipedrive: Detection, duplicate merge, business change alert, enrichment, email finder
MIT is using Dropcontact to find, verifiy and enrich busiess email addresses
Welcome To The Jungle is using Dropcontact to find, verify and qualifiy all of his business leads
Euronext uses Dropcontact to find and verify business emails
Amazon AWS is a Dropcontact customer to enrich business contacts

Goodbye duplicate records
in your Pipedrive CRM

Don't waste time with incomplete or outdated data in your CRM.
With Dropcontact integration in Pipedrive, your CRM is enriched, clean and constantly updated 🔥

Automatic detection of duplicate contacts and companies in Pipedrive
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Identification of duplicate contacts and organizations

No more hours wasted manually looking for duplicates and eliminating duplicates in your CRM database!

Dropcontact automatically identifies duplicates in your contact and organization records, optimizing your prospecting efforts.

Merge and deduplicate duplicates directly in Pipedrive

Merging of your duplicate records

Dropcontact not only detects duplicates, but also intelligently merges them into a single record. Deduplication is guaranteed without any loss of information!

Dropcontact can automatically identify all duplicate contacts and organizations, even if there are no common fields!

🔥 The power of real-time algorithms

Boost the B2B customer acquisition process with Pipedrive and Dropcontact

You want to increase efficiency, focus on prospecting and sales, and no longer have to manage CRM data issues?
Integrate Dropcontact to your Pipedrive account and multiply the power of your marketing and sales processes.

Email finder 100% RGPD integrated to Pipedrive

Dropcontact Email Finder integration in Pipedrive

Once your leads are added in Pipedrive, let Dropcontact's Email Finder find their business email addresses without even having to click: it's automatic!

The Dropcontact Email Finder, integrated to Pipedrive, allows you to find the verified and valid email addresses of all your contacts in Pipedrive.

Dropcontact's Email Finder, guaranteed 100% RGPD compliant, 0 database natively integrates with your Pipedrive account without any technical intervention.

Automatically check emails in real time in Pipedrive

Dropcontact Email Verifier integration in Pipedrive

Is your bounce rate shameful because of invalid emails or outdated addresses?

Integrated with your Pipedrive CRM, Dropcontact checks the validity of email addresses in real time.
Dropcontact helps you optimize your emailing campaigns and cold emails.

Business change alert directly plugged into your Pipedrive CRM

Change of company: real time alert
Premium option

Your contacts change organizations, but keeping their records up to date individually is a real waste of time... and above all it is a mission impossible.
Thanks to this alert, you will be informed as soon as a contact changes company.

You will receive a notification from Dropcontact if a contact changes position or organization.
A good way to (re)contact a lead at the right time.

Maximize sales efficiency with Pipedrive and Dropcontact

The Dropcontact + Pipedrive merger offers you a powerful and efficient prospecting experience over the long term. Take advantage of the benefits of the Dropcontact + Pipedrive integration and intensify your prospecting efficiency.
The ideal recipe to turn the largest number of prospects into customers!

crm data enrichment with Dropcontact in Pipedrive

Verified and real-time enrichment of Pipedrive contacts

By enriching your contacts with real-time verified data, Dropcontact ensures a constantly updated and reliable CRM database.

Forget about outdated data or erroneous entries and enjoy a thorough overview of your contact records.

Enrichment of companies automatically in Pipedrive

Complete enrichment of companies

Take advantage of a global vision on the companies you are targeting thanks to the data enrichment offered by Dropcontact, including legal data, workforce, sector of activity, turnover and more.

This quality information will allow you to optimize your prospecting strategy and adapt your message to the specificities of each organization.

Integrate Dropcontact
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Join the thousands of companies that have adopted Dropcontact and Pipedrive to boost their growth. Opt for efficiency and innovation by integrating Dropcontact into your B2B prospecting strategy today!

The most frequently asked questions

How to delete duplicates on Pipedrive?

With Dropcontact integration, duplicate detection and merging is done in real time. The algorithms automatically identify if your lead's contact or organization is already in your CRM, even without a common field 🪄

Duplicates are merged without any loss of information. No need to concentrate on cleaning Pipedrive, Dropcontact does it for you!

How to merge contacts on Pipedrive?

In Pipedrive, with Dropcontact integration, you no longer need to worry about merging duplicates: it is automatic.

Dropcontact detects and deduplicates all the information sheets in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive : How to update your contacts automatically?

Dropcontact enriches all contact and company records in real time.
Each time a lead or company is added or modified, Dropcontact checks the validity of the contact data and updates it if necessary.

The enrichment of contacts and companies is automatic with Dropcontact

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