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Cleaning HubSpot: Detection, duplicate merge, business change alert, enrichment, email finder
Amazon AWS is a Dropcontact customer to enrich business contacts
Euronext uses Dropcontact to find and verify business emails
Welcome To The Jungle is using Dropcontact to find, verify and qualifiy all of his business leads
MIT is using Dropcontact to find, verifiy and enrich busiess email addresses

Say goodbye to duplicates
in your HubSpot CRM

Managing contacts and companies can be tedious, especially when you have multiple team members and multiple sources of contact entries.

Automatic detection of duplicate contacts and companies in HubSpot

Contacts and companies duplicates detection

Don't waste time manually searching and deleting duplicates from your database.
Dropcontact automatically detects duplicate contacts and companies to optimize your prospecting.

Merge and deduplicate duplicates directly in HubSpot

Merge duplicate records

Not only does Dropcontact detect duplicates, but it also intelligently merges them into a single record to avoid confusion and multiple actions on the same contact.
Dropcontact is able to detect all duplicate contacts or companies automatically and this even without common fields!
‍πŸ”₯ The power of real-time algorithms

Accelerate your B2B customer acquisition with HubSpot

Integrate Dropcontact with HubSpot and increase your prospecting power tenfold.
Gain efficiency and speed to win new B2B customers and develop your business.

100% GDPR email finder integrated with HubSpot

Email Finder integrated with HubSpot

Find your prospects' business email addresses in no time with Dropcontact's Email Finder.
HubSpot's integrated Dropcontact Email Finder allows you to collect verified and valid email addresses to enrich your contact base.
The one and only Email Finder integrated with HubSpot without any database: 100% GDPR compliant.

Automatic, real-time email verification in HubSpot

HubSpot's integrated Email Verifier

Don't waste time with invalid or obsolete emails.

Dropcontact checks for you the validity of email addresses in real time to optimize your emailing campaigns and improve your deliverability: the beginning of a good prospecting.

Business change alert directly plugged into your HubSpot CRM

Company change alert
β€βœ¨ Premium option

Stay informed of your contacts' movements with the company change alert.
Dropcontact sends a notification as soon as a contact changes position or company, allowing you to adapt your communication and maintain a strong relationship with your prospects and customers.

Improve the efficiency of your prospecting with HubSpot and Dropcontact

Dropcontact's integration with HubSpot gives you a smooth and efficient prospecting experience.
Leverage the combined benefits of Dropcontact + HubSpot to maximize the impact of your prospecting and convert more leads into customers.

crm data enrichment with dropcontact in HubSpot

Real-time, verified enrichment of HubSpot contacts

Dropcontact enriches your contacts in real time with verified information, giving you an always up-to-date and reliable database.
Say goodbye to outdated and inaccurate data and get a clear and accurate view of your contacts.

Enrichment of companies automatically in HubSpot

Complete enrichment of companies

Benefit from a complete overview of the companies you are targeting thanks to the information enrichment provided by Dropcontact. Legal information, workforce, business sector, turnover, and much more...
Use this valuable data to refine your prospecting strategy and adapt your sales pitch to the specificities of each company.

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Join the thousands of companies that have trusted Dropcontact and HubSpot to propel their growth. Make the choice of performance and innovation by integrating Dropcontact to your B2B prospecting strategy today!

The most frequently asked questions

How to delete duplicates on HubSpot?


With Dropcontact integration, duplicate detection and merging is done in real time. The algorithms automatically identify if your lead's contact or organization is already in your CRM, even without a common field πŸͺ„
Duplicates are merged without any loss of information. No need to concentrate on cleaning HubSpot, Dropcontact does it for you!

How to merge contacts on HubSpot?


In HubSpot, with Dropcontact integration, you no longer need to worry about merging duplicates: it is automatic.
Dropcontact detects and deduplicates all the information sheets in HubSpot.

HubSpot: How to update your contacts automatically?


Dropcontact enriches all contact and company records in real time.
Each time a lead or company is added or modified, Dropcontact checks the validity of the contact data and updates it if necessary.
The enrichment of contacts and companies is automatic with Dropcontact

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