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How it works ?

Dropcontact is the best B2B email finder tool

Picto - CRM integration for enriching and updating pro contacts

CRM integratio and connection

Thanks to the Pipedrive, Salesforce and Hubspot (and Β Zoho soon) integration, Dropcontact enriches all the emails directly in your CRM.

Duplicates are automatically detected, and intelligently merged to consolidate data from your contact or company records.

Your CRM is enriched and up to date, without you even noticing. 🀩

Dropcontact integration with CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Zoho
Picto - Drag and drop of B2B files to enrich

Drag and drop

With a website, a first name, a last name, Dropcontact provides you a verified nominative email and the entire contact information.

But Dropcontact goes further. Our algorithm enriches, cleans, duplicates and merges your contact files with a simple drag and drop.

πŸš€ Drag and drop your file, save time!

Submit your file to enrich it and validate the pro email addresses
Picto - Dropcontact API to automate the enrichment of contact files


Automate your lead generation workflows thanks to the Dropcontact's simple and powerful API. πŸ€–

Focus on sales with the Dropcontact API
Picto - Drag and drop de fichiers B2B Γ  enrichir

Pipedrive integration

With Dropcontact integration into Pipedrive, your CRM is automatically enriched, updated and no longer contains any duplicates.

See Pipedrive integration
Picto - Drag and drop de fichiers B2B Γ  enrichir

Salesforce integration

Integrating Dropcontact into Salesforce is so simple: your contacts are automatically enriched and updated... and your duplicates are systematically merged!

See Salesforce integration
Picto - Drag and drop de fichiers B2B Γ  enrichir

Hubspot integration

It's coming soon...

You can already register on the waiting list!

See Hubpost integration
Picto - Drag and drop de fichiers B2B Γ  enrichir

Zapier integration

Dropcontact integrations open up hundreds of possibilities to create your own workflows: 100% automatic!

See Zapier integration

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