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Your sales and marketing teams can now concentrate on their core business.
Dropcontact takes care of the enrichment and quality of your data!

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On average, a sales representative spends about 1 hour a day processing, qualifying and enriching the data in his CRM.

Dropcontact does it for you!

Picto - Automatic enrichment of B2B emails

B2B email enrichment

Picto - Verification and validation of professional emails - RGPD

Verification of information

Picto - Auto update of your CRM B2B data and emails

Automatic update

The most efficient email finder on the market

Dropcontact has developed its own search algorithms for professional address emails and contact information: 100% GDPR compliant

CRM integration to focus on sales, not data enrichment
Picto - Dropcontact integration in your CRM in 1 click

Only one click
to integrate it into your CRM

Dropcontact is natively integrated into Pipedrive, Salesforce and soon Hubspot and Zoho CRM.

Our integration does not require any intervention from your IT department or service provider.

⏱ You integrate and deploy Dropcontact in your CRM in less than 5 minutes.

Dropcontact intégré au CRM pour enrichir et fusionner vos contacts en double.
Picto - Puissance et efficiacité Dropcontact

Simplicity and power

With native Dropcontact integration, your CRM acquires new functions and enters a new dimension.

After processing all the data in your CRM, Dropcontact   automatically enriches contact sheets (or lead) and updated when you add or modify it.

API Dropcontact disponible pour automatiser sa lead genereration
Picto - Dropcontact API available

Available API

The API allows you to connect all your services and meets all your workflow needs.

🤖 The API used in Zapier allows you to create lead generation automation scenarios without limits.

Free trial

Registration is free, without obligation.
Your bank details are not required to test Dropcontact.

Picto - Essai gratuit de DropcontactPicto - Test offert de Dropcontact

100% compliant

GDPR Compliant Logo - Dropcontact is 100% GDPR Compliant

Dropcontact is the only contact data enrichment and email address sourcing tool 100% GDPR compliant

Picto - RGPD-compliant processing of professional prospect files

Your data, not ours

Dropcontact does not sell contacts: only the prospect files already you have are enriched and cleaned.

Your data are yours, we do not sell them and above all we do not use them!

Dropcontact est 100% RGPD Compliant en respectant vos données

Zero database

All the solutions on the market make enrichment from stored databases. The GDPR authorizes the use and resale of data exclusively with the agreement (resale consent) of each person.

Dropcontact is the only solution that doesn't have databases to enrich and thus guarantees you to have 100% GDPR compliant data.

Picto - Conformité RGPD : pas de base de données stockées, algorithmes propriétaires

An ethical tool

For both ethical and independent reasons, your contact files are strictly confidential. They never leave your account.

You wouldn't give them to your competitors. Well, neither would we! 💚

Dropcontact a un support très réactif pour aider dans l'enrichissement de fichiers B2B

A nice support

Ask our clients, they will speak for us 😇

Efficient and
clean prospecting

Dropcontact is the only B2B email enrichment and verification tool designed for Sales and Marketing teams.


It’s the time saved per sales and per week using Dropcontact.


Guarantee and validity rate of each address provided by our algorithms (+85% for catch-alls)


happy customers

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