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With Dropcontact, find out in a blink whether an email address is valid or not and give your marketing efforts a booster.
100% GDPR compliant!

What is Dropcontact's Email Checker?

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The most reliable Email Checker on the market

Numerous contact sources, including subscription forms, partnerships, and prospecting efforts… supply your CRM with email addresses.
However, each time you initiate a new marketing or cold outreach campaign, you notice a steady climb in your bounce rate 😢

Dropcontact is your best sidekick for automatically validating the professional email addresses in your database, whether they are stored in your CRM or in a separate file.
With in-house & real-time operating algorithms, Dropcontact ensures a 98% email validity rate and 85% for catch-alls.

No need to double-check your email addresses before initiating your cold email campaigns. Dropcontact's email checker has already taken care of it for you!

✨Without relying on a database, Dropcontact sources information in real-time! This key feature makes it the sole tool fully compliant with GDPR rules.

Why use Dropcontact to check your emails?

Checking, updating and qualifying emails
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Checking, updating and qualifying emails

Using proprietary algorithms, Dropcontact not only checks your email lists in real time, but also:
- Detects invalid addresses and automatically updates them.
- Standardizes input errors: syntax error, accents, special characters, emoji.
- Qualifies emails: nominative@pro, nominative@perso, generic, etc.

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The 100% GDPR-compliant email verification tool

Dropcontact relies on proprietary algorithms and doesn't store any nominative databases, making it the only 100% GDPR-compliant email verification solution.

GDPR solution
More than just an email checker
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More than just an Email Checker

If your database (file or CRM) already contains the following information:
- Last name
- First name
- Website or company name

➡️ Dropcontact will find your contact's professional email!

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Flexible pricing

Dropcontact offers scalable subscriptions with the option of upgrading or downgrading your account at any time, depending on your activity!

- You can go from 1,000 to 8,000 or 20,000 credits per month.
- And if you don't use all your remaining credits, you can go from 8,000 to 1,000 before going back to your previous subscription!

💡With the Carry-over option, you can even keep your accumulated credits from one month to the next.

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How to Use Dropcontact's Email Checker?

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Is your main contact database in .xlsx, .csv or .txt format?

👉 Dropcontact offers a Drag & Drop tool that allows you to drop your file directly onto the platform.
- Once your file has been dropped, Dropcontact will process it, enrich the information that needs to be enriched and validate your emails.
- Download your new file cleaned up and improved by Dropcontact.
- In this new file, an "Email Qualification" column allows you to understand whether the emails are nominative pro, nominative perso, catch-all, generic, etc.
- Using this data, you can relaunch your cold email campaigns with a bounce rate close to 0%!

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Is your contact database centralized in your CRM?

Dropcontact is natively integrated into HubSpot, Pipedrive ou Salesforce. During the integration, Dropcontact makes an initial check to enrich and verify all existing contacts in your CRM.

Adding or modifying a record allows you to check all information in real time.
When you create a contact in your CRM:
- If you know your contact's pro email and you add it : Dropcontact will verify and qualify it.
- If you enter a pro email but it's not the right one: Dropcontact will perform a verification, find the right email and then qualify it.
- If you don't know your contact's pro email: Dropcontact bases itself on known information (last name, first name, company) to find your contact's pro email. Once it's found, Dropcontact checks and qualifies it.

Email qualification corresponds to the following formats: nominative@pro, catch-all@pro, nominative@perso, generic@pro, invalid@pro or not validated.

💡 If you use a CRM other than HubSpot, Pipedrive or Salesforce, it's possible to integrate Dropcontact into your CRM via customized workflows created on Make, Zapier or n8n.

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The benefits of email verification with Dropcontact

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Dropcontact is a 100% GDPR-compliant solution.

The tool neither relies on nor uses nominative databases, but only proprietary algorithms to enrich your files or CRM and verify all the information of your leads, prospects or contacts.
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Only up-to-date data

With Dropcontact, the data in your files or your CRM is always up to date. As for CRM integration, Dropcontact keeps your contact and company databases up to date in real time.
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Improved deliverability

By removing invalid addresses from your lists, you increase your deliverability and avoid being considered a spam sender.
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Bounce rate optimization

Email verification considerably reduces the number of invalid emails that bounce, enabling you to maintain a good reputation with email providers.

Questions / Answers

Why check an email address?

Email address verification is essential to ensure the quality of your contact lists and optimize the deliverability of your email campaigns.

Dropcontact helps you check the validity of email addresses to reduce your bounce rate, prevent your emails from landing in spam and improve your reputation with email providers.

Do I need to send an email to validate an email address?

No, you don't need to send an email to validate an email address. Dropcontact uses its own email verification techniques based on proprietary algorithms.

What types of email addresses are verified and qualified by Dropcontact?

Dropcontact's Email Verifier detects several aspects of an email address.
The tool qualifies different types of address:
- Nominative addresses
- Generic addresses: info@, hello@, support@...
- Catch-all addresses- Invalid addresses

If an address is identified as invalid, Dropcontact automatically searches for a new, valid email address.

What's the difference between hard bounce and soft bounce?

Hard bounces and soft bounces are two types of error that can occur when sending emails to your prospects.

These errors are linked to the fact that emails can't be delivered and impact your domain's reputation as well as the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Here's how to tell them apart:
- A hard bounce occurs when an email cannot be delivered to its recipient. This can be due to several reasons, such as an incorrect email address, a non-existent domain or a problem with the recipient's server. In this case, the email will never be delivered, and it is recommended that you remove these addresses from your mailing list to maintain a good reputation with email service providers.

- A soft bounce occurs when an email cannot be delivered immediately to its recipient, but may be delivered at a later date. Reasons why a soft bounce may occur include a full inbox, problems with the recipient's server or the email being too large. In this case, the email service provider will usually try to resend the email for a period of time before giving up.

Dropcontact can correct erroneous email addresses by updating them, or correcting invalid domain names to enable you to obtain valid, usable emails. The assurance of good deliverability with clean, up-to-date e-mail addresses.

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