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B2B email verifier

Dropcontact's algorithm tests, verifies, and qualifies each email address in real time.
100% GDPR compliant.

Dropcontact - Email verifier: find and validate a B2B email address online

Email address verifier

Having doubts about an email address in your CRM, or in a prospect file? Dropcontact verifies the accuracy and the validity of all business email addresses in real-time.

Dropcontact automatically tests and verifies all the professional email addresses in your database. It systematically detects and corrects invalid, false or incorrect addresses.

Thanks to its algorithms that work in real time, Dropcontact guarantees a 98% validity of emails (85% for catch-alls).

No need to check them again before launching your cold email campaigns, Dropcontact's email verifier has already done it for you!

Verify pro emails: Dropcontact tests and verifies each email address of your contacts
Dropcontact qualifies each professional email: no more bounce in email campaigns
Picto - B2B email qualification

Business email addresses qualification

Dropcontact tests and qualifies your email addresses.
Dropcontact recognizes the different types of email addresses:
- Personal addresses
- Generic addresses: info@, hello@, support@...
- Catch-all addresses
- Invalid addresses

If Dropcontact identifies an email address as invalid, it automatically searches for a new valid email address.

Dropcontact is the best tool to identify Catch-alls

Catch-all detection

A domain name configured in catch-all is a domain that accepts all the verification tests sent to it.

Dropcontact’s algorithms recognize email addresses which domain name is configured in catch-all and identify them as such, even if these email addresses are unverifiable.

All email addresses are verified 🔥

All about catch-alls

Picto - Identify Catch-alls
Research and verification of BtoB emails
Picto - decrease you bounce rate

Bounce rate decrease

Having a base of verified, updated and qualified email addresses is essential for successful cold email campaigns.

Dropcontact enriches all the contacts you already have and verifies each and every piece of information.

Thanks to a unique technology based on algorithms, the data provided is always up-to-date.
Dropcontact has no database and finds its information in real time.
This is one of the points that makes it the only 100% GDPR compliant solution.

Dropcontact is your ally for successful cold email campaigns!

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Dropcontact's other features

Beyond verifying professional emails, Dropcontact enriches your contacts with their B2B email address and all the data necessary for your prospecting.
Email Enrichment - Business Change Alert

Company change alert

Dropcontact automatically detects when a contact changes jobs or companies.

Not only does it update the information in the contact's record, but it also sends alerts to notify you of a major change.

Company change tracking and alert
Enrichment and addition of the position, of the job function

Job enrichment

Segment your prospect and customer base according to their position. It is an essential information to personalize your communications (Cold Email, or Cold Call).

Dropcontact identifies the position of your prospects or contacts when enriching your files.

B2B contact's job enrichment
B2B duplicate merger

Merge duplicates

All duplicates, whether contact records or company records are identified, even if they don't have common fields... And even better, they are automatically merged.

Data quality and integrity is guaranteed.

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts
B2B email finder

Email Finder

Dropcontact finds, verifies and enriches all B2B emails and contacts without any database, but exclusively with proprietary algorithms and test servers.

Dropcontact is the only 100% GDPR compliant solution...
B2B email address search