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Overview of Duplicate Management Integrations for HubSpot

In this comparative research, learn why Dropcontact is the best choice for duplicate management in your HubSpot CRM


When your organization uses a CRM platform, managing duplicates becomes crucial for maintaining data quality and optimizing the work of Marketing, Sales, and Support teams. Depending on the levels of input in the CRM – forms, chatflows (chats with personalized conversation flow), manual lead additions, bulk imports – the risk of creating duplicate contacts and companies reaches new heights 🗻

HubSpot has a feature (available starting with the Hub Professional package 🤓) that allows you to detect and merge these duplicates. However, there are other solutions like Dedupely, Insycle, and Dropcontact. Let's explore these integrations!

Overview of HubSpot's Duplicate Merging Tool

Native HubSpot Duplicate Merging Tool

If you use HubSpot CRM daily and have a Hub Professional package, you've probably noticed this small feature for contacts, companies, and deals called "manage duplicates."

manage duplicates tool in hubspot

HubSpot has a native functionality that lets you manage duplicates, enabling you to quickly:

  • View contacts or companies identified as duplicates by HubSpot,
  • Merge duplicates with one click,
  • Preview the final record after merging,
  • Merge multiple duplicate rows in two clicks.
hubspot merge duplicates with the native hubspot tool

If your contact database is clean, this feature becomes handy. You can quickly identify contacts with similar emails, names, and surnames. You can also view companies with similar domain names or the same name.

In any case, this functionality is not infallible:

  • To merge contacts or organizations, you'll need to verify them one by one. Although the tool identifies them for you, this process takes time ⏳
  • HubSpot identifies records it considers duplicates based on basic information: name, first name, email. We've all encountered cases in our CRMs with two prospects sharing the same first and last names.
  • The same goes for companies: you may have three companies with identical initials or multiple EDF branches representing independent businesses. HubSpot may interpret them as clones.


Dedupely is a tool specializing in CRM duplicate identification and management. It integrates with HubSpot without requiring a third-party app.

Dedupely focuses on two main actions:

  • Scan: identify duplicates within a CRM, across all objects (contacts, companies, deals, tickets),
  • Merge: merge identified duplicates once the command is initiated.

When it comes to mass CRM duplicate cleaning, Dedupely does well. However, the tool requires manual adjustments. You'll need to set up the identification and merging of duplicates.

You can select primary objects to synchronize (either contacts, companies, deals, or tickets) on the Dedupely interface. Dedupely then lets you create "merge" rules to determine priority information when merging duplicates.

This customization is a strong point, with a few nuances to keep in mind:

  • The HubSpot Dedupely integration requires using the Dedupely interface. You'll need to leave your CRM to manage duplicates.
  • Every time you sync contacts, companies, deals, or tickets, Dedupely considers the number as part of your plan. If you have a plan with 30,000 records per month and sync 20,000 contacts + 5,000 companies + 15,000 deals… The tool will indicate that you're over the limit. You'll have to cancel syncing some elements to merge others.
  • By choosing to customize duplicate management, Dedupely invites you to set up merging rules. Here's a glimpse of this part of the interface:
dedupely merging rules tool

The rules module may not be easy for everyone to understand. You'll have the chance to refine your identification and merging rules, but you'll need to master this setting to avoid mishaps.


For duplicate management and merging in HubSpot, the HubSpot marketplace offers other tools like Insycle. Insycle provides features similar to Dedupely as it directly integrates with your HubSpot account to identify data that needs "cleaning."

More comprehensive than Dedupely, Insycle offers an interface with a range of features:

  • Customizable dashboard to assess data quality,
  • A "health assessment" tool that analyzes all CRM-related errors (including email bounce rates and their real causes),
  • Analytics, which includes HubSpot dashboards,
  • Merge Duplicates, allowing you to merge contacts and companies in your CRM,
  • Templates and Recipes contain workflows for preloading duplicate merging rules. There are also simpler cleaning rules, like identifying contacts with identical names and surnames.

We'll also focus on the "Automations" menu, which lets you create duplicate detection and merging rules based on your subscription. This can save you from manual management.

insycle platform integrated with hubspot

Insycle offers a feature-rich interface. It also allows you to create advanced merging rules, thanks to templates and "recipes." Each template comes with a brief description.

insycle recipes for detection and merging rules

You'll need to set up your dashboards and configure your data merging rules:

  • Set up duplicate identification rules using templates.
  • Set up merging rules.
  • Create (or not) automations for merging contacts and companies.

Since all changes will impact your data, stay vigilant with these settings.

A few notes on this dense tool:

  • More expensive than some competitors, Insycle's cost may be a barrier for small businesses or organizations with limited budgets 💸
  • Although undeniably powerful, mastering Insycle's features and getting the most out of them may require a learning curve. You'll need to configure merging rules and automations.
  • Insycle takes you out of your CRM. You're no longer on HubSpot but the Insycle interface. This requires some back and forth, which can be disorienting.
  • Some dashboards are already natively available in HubSpot.


In a nutshell, the Dropcontact x HubSpot integration provides:

  • Seamless integration without any development on your part. Once Dropcontact is integrated with your HubSpot account, you can continue using your CRM as before: Dropcontact takes care of corrections, merges, and updates as needed.
  • Enriching your contact records: with the full name + company website, Dropcontact finds your prospect's specific email.
  • Manually entered or imported professional emails may contain errors: Dropcontact detects and corrects them.
  • Emails are validated at a 98% rate (85% for catch-all).
  • Dropcontact detects and merges your duplicate contacts and companies, even if the properties differ.
  • Name/surname inversion errors are automatically corrected.
  • Dropcontact intelligently merges CRM data, always keeping the most up-to-date information.
  • Your HubSpot CRM data remains current, with lead and customer turnover and job changes tracked. You'll be informed of any job or company changes.

Duplicate contact detection and merging with Dropcontact is seamless, as shown in the image:

Dropcontact automatically detects andmerge duplicates in HubSpot
Dropcontact automatically checks your contact to merge duplicates

As for strengths, Dropcontact's algorithms ensure high accuracy in duplicate detection. Once identified, duplicates are automatically merged. As the above GIF demonstrates, Dropcontact integrates seamlessly with HubSpot.

Integrate Dropcontact with my HubSpot CRM!

Feature Comparison

Merge Duplicates Automation

How do each of these tools handle duplicate merging? Only HubSpot can merge duplicate contacts and companies. However, its detection criteria are limited, and it's not possible to set rules for identifying duplicates based on your criteria. Dedupely offers you duplicate management with precise customization that you are responsible for. However, this will require manual adjustments within the tool. Insycle's customizable merge rules must also be set manually. On the other hand, the tool will offer you precise templates for each detection and merge rule. Dropcontact allows you to rely 100% on algorithms. Your duplicate contacts and companies are identified and merged automatically. Everything is automated, so you don't have to do anything on your end.

Duplicate Detection Accuracy

The accuracy of detection depends on different criteria for each tool: HubSpot relies on basic criteria to detect duplicates. As a result, you may end up with errors and duplicates not detected by the platform. Dedupely allows you to set your own duplicate detection rules. If you want all contacts with the same email address to be detected, this simple rule can be imposed on the machine. Like Dedupely, Insycle lets you create your identification rules. In addition to its competitor, Insycle offers rule templates and intelligent filters to establish priority among them. Dropcontact stands out for its precision in duplicate detection.

Customizable Merge Rules

As we've seen earlier, some tools allow you to set your merging rules:

HubSpot's native functionality does not yet offer this level of precision. Thus, since the merge is performed manually, it is not necessary.

Dedupely will base the duplicate merge on a rule defined by you. You can create several rules by establishing a hierarchy. You will decide which data you absolutely want to prioritize (email, phone number, country, etc).

For Insycle, it's the same, except the tool will also offer you pre-built merge rules. It's up to you to choose if you need a directory or to create rules if you have a technical mindset 🤖

With Dropcontact, the merge is done automatically. You cannot define the merging rules yourself. However, if you want to force the retention of a contact record, you can impose it on the tool.

Integration with Other HubSpot Features

In terms of integration, nothing beats HubSpot's native tool, which is... integrated with HubSpot. However, if your Hub is lower than Professional or Enterprise, you will not benefit from this feature. And upgrading to a new Hub sometimes involves some budgetary effort.

Dedupely, Insycle, and Dropcontact integrate with HubSpot without third-party tools. No need to go through Zapier or n8n, among others. Dropcontact's unique feature compared to these two is its "silent" integration: no need to dive into a new interface to use it, it's 100% transparent!

Reports and Data Analysis

Duplicate history in HubSpot will be accessible only from the contact or company record.

By default, Dedupely will send you a weekly/monthly reporting email indicating how many duplicates have been detected and the merges performed.

dedupely duplicate report sent by email

Insycle will offer interactive reports accessible from its interface. You will have a real-time view of all duplicates identified and/or merged.

insycle duplicate dashboard example

Dropcontact will send you a monthly activity report directly to your inbox 📬 You will find all the merges, enrichments, and work carried out discreetly by your best sidekick.

Ease of Use and User Interface

Unsurprisingly, using a native HubSpot tool within HubSpot ensures an unchanged user interface. No habits disrupted. However, to check a contact's record, you will have to click on it and split your window.

Dedupely's platform is quite minimalist, with icons along a vertical menu.

Dedupely platform integrated with HubSpot

Insycle takes a completely different approach, with a highly detailed platform, explicit menus like "merge duplicates" or "activity tracker," for example. A color code separates dashboard-type menus, actions, identification and merge rules, and settings.

For Dropcontact, the interface isn't really an issue since the integration is added to your HubSpot account. You don't see it, but… it's there 👀

Customer Support and Technical Assistance

Overall, all solutions offer several support modes.

HubSpot can be reached by email and chat. You can also benefit from phone callbacks depending on your Hub.

Dedupely offers a chat feature accessible from the app to contact support. It is available from 9:00 CST, which is 4 pm in Metropolitan France. Outside these hours, they will reply to your email within a maximum of 24 hours.

Insycle support can be reached via chat directly on the platform. In their absence, they also offer rich documentation on their blog, so you should quickly find the appropriate information.

Dropcontact support is also available through chat. You can contact them via chat from the Dropcontact website, your account, or by email.

Why Dropcontact is the Best Choice

Ultra-Precise Duplicate Detection

With Dropcontact, duplicate detection becomes a breeze 👶

Dropcontact is known for its precision and efficiency in finding duplicates. Thanks to its unique technology, it compares records based on various criteria to identify duplicates, even if they have no common properties in HubSpot.

Advanced Algorithms

Dropcontact is equipped with cutting-edge algorithms to analyze and process data. They allow you to identify duplicates AND intelligently merge duplicate data. Your task for this? In truth, nothing at all: once integrated into your CRM, Dropcontact takes care of the work automatically! Your CRM will always be efficient, even after several years 👴

Smart Data Merge

Dropcontact handles data merging in a tailored way. Instead of simply overwriting information, it merges them while keeping the correct data for each contact or company. An ideal, transparent little tool to preserve your data integrity, guaranteed 100% GDPR compliant! Essential information about your leads, prospects, and customers is preserved. Say goodbye to the 12 occurrences of your favorite client who changes companies every month!

Seamless Integration with HubSpot

Dropcontact operates in the background without you even realizing it. No additional interface is needed to manage your HubSpot contact and company records. A smooth integration for constantly updated and accurate data, without the hassle of manual imports or exports. Thanks to this integration, you can devote your time to prospecting and sales. Moreover, it will prevent import errors or manual corrections.

Real-Time Synchronization

Dropcontact's real-time synchronization ensures up-to-date, enriched, cleaned, and verified data in HubSpot. Duplicates are identified as soon as they are created in the CRM, merged, and updated. Say goodbye to outdated data and give your teams peace of mind!

Compatibility with Other Platform Features

Dropcontact seamlessly adapts to HubSpot's ecosystem for a consistent user experience. Whether for managing contact records, companies, or all data incorporated into deals, Dropcontact interacts smoothly with HubSpot.

Quality Customer Support and Technical Assistance

You can count on accurate and efficient assistance to help you get the most out of Dropcontact!

Dropcontact can deduplicate your CRM database... and do so much more!

Dropcontact's Email Finder integration for HubSpot

Email Finder

HubSpot's integrated Dropcontact Email Finder allows you to collect verified email addresses to enrich your CRM database. Dropcontact only needs a first name, last name and company's website to search for and find the contacts' B2B email addresses you need.

Dropcontact's Email Verifier integration for HubSpot

Email Verifier

Questioning the reliability of an email address found in your CRM or a prospect file? Dropcontact ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of all business email addresses in real-time. Dropcontact seamlessly checks and verifies all professional email addresses throughout your database, systematically pinpointing and rectifying invalid, false, or inaccurate addresses.

Dropcontact's CRM integration

Tired of manually checking and merging your duplicate contact and companies in your CRM? Take the lead with Dropcontact!

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The most frequently asked questions

How to identify duplicate contacts and companies in HubSpot?


Dropcontact automatically identifies duplicate contacts and companies in your HubSpot CRM, even if their properties are different.

Why are duplicate contacts and companies in HubSpot an issue?


If you end up with a contact or a company in various copies, your data is not clean. As a result, your bounce rate suffers, and you have an even greater chance of accumulating outdated information. Integrated with HubSpot, Dropcontact automatically manages these duplicates by detecting and merging them. Your HubSpot database always stays up-to-date!

How to avoid creating duplicate contacts when importing data into HubSpot?


As soon as a contact or a company is added to HubSpot, Dropcontact identifies if it is a duplicate and automatically merges the records while keeping your database up-to-date.

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