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Audit : deliverability and reputation for great Cold Emails
Is my domain name correctly configured?

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Configure your email inbox properly for cold email

The deliverability of emails relies on the quality of email addresses ... but not only!

A good configuration of your domain name is essential before launching your first emails, your first campaigns.

The configuration of your domain name is the basis for :

  • Increasing your deliverability rate
  • Reducing your bounce rate
  • Drastically reduce the possibility of landing in spam... or even worse, of being banned!

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* You have to fill in an email that uses the domain name of your Cold Emails campaigns

The 3 technical pillars to prevent your Cold Emails from being spammed

email audit tool : SPF


The SPF, or "Sender Policy Framework", is a standard for verifying the domain name of the sender of an email that protects your identity, your reputation and your emails from spam.

The SPF aims to reduce the possibility of identity theft by indicating which IP addresses are authorized or prohibited to send mail for the specific domain.

The SPF translates into a TXT record in the DNS of your domain name that indicates to your recipient's server that you are authorized to send emails.
It's an essential configuration which guarantees the deliverability of your emails and especially of your Cold Emails campaigns.

how to configure my SPF
SPF configuration: how to success with Cold Emailing
DKIM configuration : Success with Cold Email
email audit tool : DKIM


DKIM, or DomainKeys Identified Mail, is a cryptographic authentication standard that verifies the authenticity of the sending domain and guarantees the integrity of a received email.

DKIM adds a signature to all outgoing emails that allows the receiving server to validate the identity and content of the email.
It tells the domain that you have permission to send a specific mail, so the email received is guaranteed to be exactly the same as the email sent.

This is why its configuration is essential before launching your first Cold Emails campaigns.

know more about the DKIM
email audit tool : DMARC


DMARC, or "Domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance" is a standard created to reduce the use of abusive emails, spam...

A DMARC policy allows the sender to indicate that their emails are SPF and/or DKIM protected and tells the recipient what to do if these authentication methods fail.

DMARC is important to set up in order to show that you are adhering to the digital standards for emailing.

know more about the DMARC
DMARC configuration: tips to success with Cold Emails

Basics to increase the opening rate of your Cold Email campaigns

email audit tool : Cold email checking

Check each email before sending a campaign

A qualified and verified email is essential to send an email: a basic rule, but not that easy to apply...
But now, you know Dropcontact.

Dropcontact tests and verifies all business email addresses before sending a Cold Email campaign.

Invalid, false or obsolete addresses are automatically detected, corrected or deleted.

find verified business email addresses
test and verify email address before sending Cold Email
Audit: Cold Email object
email audit tool : best email object for Cold Email

Think about the object of your Cold Email

The subject line of your email is the first thing your recipient sees. There is one thing that is often overlooked... and yet so effective: the pre-header.

The pre-header is a little catchphrase under the subject line that you see before you even open the email...

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email audit tool : Cold Email copywriting

Focus on your Cold Email copywriting

The secret to write a Cold Email that stands out from the others? Be relevant!

Yes, it's easy to say...

But being relevant means personalizing your email by showing that you understand your recipient's expectations... and not just by showing that you know their first name and their industry ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 steps to send a perfect Cold Email
Audit: Cold Email and copywriting: best tips
tool Email: Don't track your Cold Email
email audit tool :  Cold email and tracking

Forget about tracking Cold Email campaigns

To track your emails, i.e. to be able to count how many times they have been opened, a tracking pixel can be embedded in the email.

This pixel, completely transparent for the reader, is hosted on your Custom Domain and is downloaded each time it is opened.

If this pixel is hosted on a server with a bad reputation, the risk of your email going straight to Spam is enormous. Beyond the great configuration of your Custom Domain, the most effective solution to limit the risk of falling into Spam is.... don't track your emails!

Focus on the final result of your campaigns: number of concrete responses, number of sales following a campaign...

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