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Dropcontact's integration with HubSpot, Pipedrive and soon with Salesforce
answers your contact data management issues

As a key step in your prospecting, building your database and finding leads is the starting point of any sales and marketing strategy.

But are you sure that your data is up to date in your CRM? That it does not contain any errors or duplicates?

To solve these issues, we introduce you the CRM features offered in the Dropcontact integration, directly in Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce!

How to identify and merge duplicates in your CRM?

Thanks to Dropcontact's automatic merge :

  • Never lose any information about your contacts.
  • Dropcontact merges and updates your contact and company information.
  • Dropcontact algorithms generate information in real time. No databases are used to enrich and update your data.

Dropcontact detects and merges all the duplicates in your CRM
Dropcontact cleans the data your CRM

How to clean the data in your CRM?

Cleaning B2B data in your CRM with Dropcontact is :

  • The addition of a qualified and verified professional email address for each new contact added.
  • Adding essential information to your prospecting strategy: name, position held, company information, etc.
  • Each time a contact is edited, Dropcontact automatically updates it with the most relevant information in real time.

How to enrich your CRM data?

Enriching B2B data in your CRM with Dropcontact allows you to :

  • Generate professional, verified, qualified and up-to-date email addresses.
  • Get business phone number, current position, full name, current company and all legal information necessary for effective prospecting...And much more!
  • Enrich your existing data with up-to-date and 100% RGPD compliant data

Dropcontact enrichs your CRM data

CRM integrations

Dropcontact is natively integrated in HubSpot, Pipedrive and soon in Salesforce!

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