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Google Sheet add-on Dropcontact
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Find and check all your leads' emails directly in Google Sheet

...The Dropcontact add-on does much more
It enriches your contacts with ALL the data you need for your prospecting.

Google Sheet add-on: Contact enrichment and email finder
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More than an email finder

Dropcontact provides not only verified and validated email, but also all the data required for propsection and hyper-personalization of communications.

  • Qualified, validated and verified email address
  • Business phone number (GDPR compliant)
  • Civility (for grammatical agreement)
  • Function title cleaned
  • Function classification
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Contact's company name
  • Corporate website
  • LinkedIn page
  • VAT number, SIRET, SIREN (for French companies)
  • Last published sales
  • Last published result
  • NAF code
  • Postal address
RGPD-compliant email finder and enrichment directly in Google Sheet
Picto - Google Sheet add-on : email finder et enrichissement de contacts 100% RGPD

The only 100% RGPD email finder integrated into Google Sheet

Dropcontact's enrichment is carried out exclusively by its own algorithms for email address generation, verification and advanced real-time search.

👍🏼 Dropcontact does not own or store any personal databases.

Dropcontact is the only enrichment solution that guarantees to keep you RGPD compliant

The most frequently asked questions

Is Dropcontact's Google Sheet add-on free?

Yes, installing the Dropcontact add-on in Google Sheet is free and only requires a Dropcontact account, which allows you to test 100 lines free of charge and perform 25 free searches per month.

You can upgrade your subscription at any time.

How to install Dropcontact in Google Sheet?

Installing the Dropcontact add-on in Google Sheet is easy.

Simply download the Dropcontact add-on for Google Sheet. Once in Google Sheet, you'll need to connect to Dropcontact in Extensions > Dropcontact > Connect

How can I enrich my contacts with the information I need to prospect?


How do I find my contacts' email addresses?


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