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Top 10 LinkedIn scraping tools in 2024

Sales Automation: Top LinkedIn scraping tools

Implementing a B2B Sales Automation strategy often starts with LinkedIn, the most comprehensive and, above all, the most up-to-date professional database.

Here are the top 10 best LinkedIn scraping tools that will allow you to launch your 100% automated and efficient lead machine.

💡LinkedIn scraping is a growth hacking technique that automates visiting, copying and pasting all the information available on a LinkedIn profile.

Phantombuster is the reference tool for LinkedIn scraping, creating workflows and automating B2B prospecting from the professional social network.

LinkedIn scraping, hyper-personalized message sending, connection requests.... Each phantom/workflow is pre-configured to allow you to focus on your content and copywriting 😉

Phantombuster: Linkedin scraping and prospecting automation
Phantombuster - LinkedIn Automation

What do we like about Phantombuster?

Phantombuster is probably the leading LinkedIn scraping and prospecting automation tool (but not only) and offers more than 50 automation sequences for LinkedIn/LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

It allows you to scrape the following data from LinkedIn profiles:

  • a Linkedin or LinkedIn Sales Navigator search
  • the likes of a post
  • the comments on a post
  • a simple LinkedIn URL
  • a LinkedIn group
  • the followers of their own company page

The integration of the Email Finder, including Dropcontact 💚, directly into the workflow is a real plus: it saves time and efficiency.

What would we like ?

Each automation is unique. That's good. But each output file is different too (column order, column names, LinkedIn URL format...). These formats become a bit tedious when you want to use several Phantoms.

Integromat and Zapier integrations are still limited, and it's a pity you can't get the outputs of your LinkedIn scraping without going through a Google Sheet 🥺

Phantombuster's pricing

  • From $48: 20 hours of execution / month and 5 automation workflows + 500 email enrichments

Dropcontact operates the Email Finder and enrichment offered by Phantombuster. You can also choose to enter your Dropcontact API key if you already have an account.

Phantombuster's free plan

  • Free plan available: 30 minutes of execution / month and one automation workflow
  • 14-day free trial allowing 2 hours of execution time and five automation workflows

👉🏻 Discover the Phantombuster x Dropcontact integration

Captain Data allows you to scrape LinkedIn and extract data from almost any website and especially LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The tool offers Sales and Marketing teams ready-to-use workflows which automate their prospecting: finding leads, enriching them, addressing them in a hyper-personalized manner.

Sales automation - Captain Data

What do we like about Captain Data?

Connecting with a lot of other services (LinkedIn, Google Drive, Dropcontact, lemlist...) is very simple and above all, it is possible to share your accounts with your whole team. That is a game-changer when using a Sales Automation tool with your entire team.

If you are a beginner in Sales Automation, scraping any website or LinkedIn scraping becomes child's play with this tool: in a few minutes and a few clicks, it is possible to launch your multi-channel prospecting campaigns.

Dropcontact is integrated with Captain Data. You only have to enter your Dropcontact API key to have your contacts enriched: verified and qualified nominative email, titles, normalization of the First / Last name, legal data of the company...

What would we like ?

Proposed workflows are "fixed" and you cannot modify or adapt the pre-defined scenarios for the moment.

Today, you have to search for your target with a Boolean search: it is not the easiest and most visually appealing way 😉

Captain Data's pricing

  • From €399: 25,000 tasks / month, unlimited workflows for 5 users

Captain Data's free plan

  • Free 14-day trial with a 1000 tasks and 3 workflows for one user

Email enrichment requires a Dropcontact account.

👉🏻 Discover Captain Data x Dropcontact integration

La Growth Machine is a multi-channel prospecting automation tool: LinkedIn, Email, Twitter... It is possible to schedule your prospecting scenarios easily.

La Growth Machine allows you to scrape LinkedIn, retrieve all your prospects' information and then completely customize your entire prospecting process: Email, Invitation / LinkedIn message, Twitter, timing and condition...

Therefore, La Growth Machine makes it possible to generate qualified leads and address them in an ultra-targeted manner in the message, at the right time, according to each person's actions...

LGM La Growth Machine - Sales automation tool
Workflow example with LGM

What do we like about La Growth Machine?

You can customize each scenario: from scratch or by using an existing template. The possibilities for customizing your prospecting are almost infinite.

La Growth Machine is one of the few solutions that offer to bypass the 100 weekly LinkedIn invitation limit on the sole condition of not sending notes in the connection request.

Dropcontact is natively integrated into La Growth Machine 💚 In each of your scenarios, you can find, verify and qualify your contacts' pro email and enrich it with all the data you need for your prospecting.

One last thing. This tool is not a Chrome extension and therefore works with Safari 💪🏼

What would we like?

Integration with Salesforce is not available yet, but it is coming soon.

La Growth Machine's pricing

  • The new pricing offers 3 plans starting at 67€/month to start your Sales Automation machine

Dropcontact operates the Email Finder and the enrichment offered by La Growth Machine. It is unlimited from the Pro plan (100€ / month)

La Growth Machine's free plan

  • No free plan
  • A 14-day trial period

👉🏻 Discover La Growth Machine x Dropcontact integration

Waalaxy is a multi-channel automation and prospecting platform available directly from a Chrome extension: scrape LinkedIn, automate profile visits, send messages or connection requests.

Waalaxy - multichannel prospecting
Automate your multichannel prospecting with Waalaxy

What do we like about Waalaxy?

Waalaxy is one of the few solutions to get around LinkedIn's 100 invites per week limit.

Even though mass mailing without targeting is not recommended ; it is always a plus not to be limited in your LinkedIn actions, especially your connection requests.

Waalaxy allows you to create multi-channel prospecting sequences via LinkedIn, email or Twitter in a very simple way, to optimize the touchpoints with your leads.

Waalaxy natively integrates Dropcontact to find and enrich emails for all of ones prospects 💚 No need for a Dropcontact account: email enrichment is directly included in the Business plan.

What would we like?

It is currently impossible to create your own scenarios and custom automations or even modify an existing sequence.

Waalaxy's pricing

  • From €30: LinkedIn automation, message templates, 800 LinkedIn invitations/month. Other plans offer more features.

Email enrichment by Dropcontact is available from the €60/month plan

Waalaxy's free plan

  • The Waalaxy free plan allows you to launch your first sequences within the limit of 100 invitations/month.

👉🏻 Discover Waalaxy x Dropcontact integration

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool in the form of a Chrome extension. It automatically connects to your Linkedin account and allows you to visit, scrape, send messages to your leads and prospects directly from LinkedIn.

The Dux-Soup extension automatically acts on your behalf on your LinkedIn 🤖

What do we like about Dux-Soup?

Dux-Soup mimics the "human" behavior on LinkedIn to limit the risk of being detected by the application.

Its integration with Pipedrive makes Dux-Soup a MUST HAVE tool to turn your CRM into an automated lead machine.

👉🏻 Discover how to integrate Dux-Soup to turn your CRM into a real prospecting machine

What would we like?

Direct integration with Dropcontact 🔥

Dux-Soup's pricing

  • From €9.92 to start prospecting, but to use the Dux-soup integrations and be able to integrate the tool into your Sales Machine, you need to opt for the Dux-Soup Turbo subscription starting at €36.25 / month

Dux-soup's free plan

  • Free plan available and free trial for Dux-Soup Turbo to integrate targeted LinkedIn data directly into your CRM

👉🏻 More about Dux-Soup

lemlist is a cool tool for Cold Email.

Actually, the tool has become much more than a Cold Email solution. Now lemlist allows you to scrape your target's data on LinkedIn and enrich it directly with Dropcontact 💚

It allows you to completely automate your multi-channel prospecting (email and LinkedIn message) from LinkedIn, your CRM or simply a .csv file.

Cold email, linkedin scraping and automation with lemlist

What do we like about lemlist?

lemlist makes it easy to create HYPER-customized multi-channel Cold Email and LinkedIn sequences thanks to the Liquid language and customized image options.

Hyper-personalisation is at its best thanks to Dropcontact's in-app integration directly into the sales automation sequence, which allows you to add the title, correct and normalize the first name, and add all the company's information.

What would we like?

Ergonomics and UX are probably the things we'd really like to see improved at lemlist

lemlist's pricing

  • From $59: LinkedIn scraping, enrichment, and sending of Cold-Email, invitations or LinkedIn messages

lemlist's free plan

  • No free plan but a trial period

👉🏻 Discover lemlist

Evaboot scrapes LinkedIn and extracts information directly from Linkedin profiles (personal and corporate).

It is a browser extension that adds a call to action "Export with Evaboot" directly in Linkedin Sales Navigator, which allows you to extract all the information of the contacts scraped in your filtered search.

Evaboot allows you to find the contacts of your target directly from LinkedIn and then import the file received in csv directly into your Sales Automation solutions.

evaboot dash

What do we like about Evaboot?

Evaboot is really easy to use. By clicking on the "Export with Evaboot" Call-to-Action from a Sales Navigator search, Evaboot will scrape LinkedIn and create a "ready-to-use" csv file with cleaned up data that can be enriched with Dropcontact.

What would we like?

Evaboot is currently not integrated with any CRM or other Sales Automation platforms... maybe one day ;)

Evaboot's pricing

  • From €29/month: 2,000 lead extractions, and the ability to connect Dropcontact to enrich email with extracted contact data
  • Two other packages to enrich 5,000 leads or 20,000 leads/month (without emails) are also available at €49 and €99/month respectively.

Note that if you already have a Dropcontact subscription (starting at €24/month), you won't need to buy Evaboot email enrichment credits to enrich emails with Dropcontact.

Evaboot's free plan

  • Free plan available: 150 credits / month
  • 14-day free trial: 1,000 credits

👉🏻 Discover the integration Evaboot x Dropcontact

TexAu is an Indian solution that allows you to create your own prospecting workflows: LinkedIn scraping, enrichment, emailing... you can choose your modules and link them together according to the desired conditions.

LinkedIn Scraping and Sales automation with TexAu
Workflow example with Texau

What do we like about TexAu?

TexAu shares pre-configured templates and the most popular scenarios. It is possible to share your own workflows.

Also, being able to customi7e 100% of your prospecting workflows by adding timing and conditions is a real plus.

Dropcontact is integrated: you can therefore directly enrich your contacts with the verified personal email address before personalizing emails and other messages 💚

TexAu's pricing

  • Starting at $29 Cloud / Desktop version: 1.5h runtime / day / 5 automations

Email enrichment requires a Dropcontact subscription.

TexAu's free plan

  • No free plan but a 14-day trial version

👉🏻 Discover TexAu x Dropcontact integration

More LinkedIn scraping tools
You want more, right?

Linked Helper 2 is a LinkedIn-focused software, for LinkedIn scraping and LinkedIn automation.

The solution allows you to create your own prospecting scenarios on LinkedIn: visiting and scraping of profiles, auto-follow, automatic sending of messages, programming of invitations...

Linked scraping and automation with Linked Helper 2
LinkedIn profile scraped with Linked Helper 2

What do we like about Linked Helper 2?

If your prospecting is focused on LinkedIn, you will like Linked Helper 2. The tool is easy to use, and offers many features: visiting and scraping of LinkedIn profiles, connection requests, sending messages, invitations to events, auto-following...

The possibility to add several LinkedIn profiles on the same account is a real plus: Linked Helper 2 uses the connection with LinkedIn, not the cookies (which tend to break regularly and therefore interfere with your workflows).

What would we like?

Objectively, it lacks native integration with Dropcontact 😉

Linked Helper 2's pricing

  • Starting at $8.25 (for a 12-month commitment) with limited features. To get all the features, you need the Pro Plan.

Linked Helper 2's free plan

  • No free plan
  • 14-day free trial: A great way to test the LinkedIn scraping and automation tool

👉🏻 More about Linked Helper 2

Surfe is a LinkedIn scraper tool that comes in the form of an extension. Surfe automatically adds every profile you visit directly into your CRM.

Leadjet - Extension to scrape LinkedIn and add your lead to CRM
Surfe in LinkedIn

What do we like about Surfe?

Surfe is natively integrated into Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Copper. A simple click on a button directly integrated into LinkedIn creates a new contact record for the profile you are visiting: Surfe adds the contact's first name, last name, job title, company, and website.

Associated with Dropcontact in your CRM, the contact is automatically enriched: personal and verified email address, business phone number, titles, all legal data of the company... This is enough to build a real automated lead machine.

If you have not integrated Dropcontact into your CRM yet, the enrichment is automatically integrated into Surfe. Enter your Dropcontact API key in the Surfe settings to add the verified professional email and the business phone number for each of your leads when creating their record in the CRM.

What would we like?

Adding leads from a LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator search is not currently available. So adding leads is still entirely manual.

Surfe's pricing

  • From 23€ / month / user  with limited functions. To include the automatic addition of a profile into your CRM, you have to upgrade to the next level.

Surfe's free plan

  • You can discover some features with the free plan. A 14-day free trial version is available for the paid tiers.

👉🏻 Discover the Surfe x Dropcontact integration

Coolsales identifies the most relevant companies to prospect, based on job offers. 

The tool scrapes online job boards and has filters to match your business signals and ICP. These results are enriched with contact information that allows you to write personalized messages by email or LinkedIn.

Native integrations with Lemlist, Datananas, La Growth Machine and Emelia are available, so you can start a sequence automatically every time a company matches your signal 🤩

Coolsales - Extension to scrape LinkedIn and add your lead to CRM

What do we like about Coolsales?

Coolsales allows you to target your leads at the best time. Less volume but much higher conversion rates! Once your setup is done, new leads are found daily 🚀

When integrating lemlist or any other prospecting tool you get a combination of fully automated lead generation and the right timing.

What would we like?

We’d love to see more data sources such as fundraisings, nominations, relocations, etc. Most of them are expected to be released in the app during 2022.

An integration with CRMs like Hubspot or Pipedrive would be nice too 😄

Coolsales' pricing

  • The pricing depends on the offer (Growth or Custom) and on the features that you choose.

Find out more

Dropcontact operates the Email Finder and the enrichment offered by Coolsales 💚

Coolsales' free trial

  • 14-day free trial available without credit card
I need more sales automation tips!
I need more sales automation tips!

Most frequently asked questions

What's a LinkedIn scraping tool?

LinkedIn scraping tools are part and parcel of Growth Hacking. They allow you to automate profile visits and copy/paste all the information available on a LinkedIn profile.

How can I scrape user data?

You can scrap the data of LinkedIn profiles directly from a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search, from likes or comments on a post, from a simple LinkedIn URL, a LinkedIn group or even from the followers of your own company page.

What are the scraping tools available on the market?

Several LinkedIn scraping tools are available. There's Phantombuster, Surge, Waalaxy, lemlist, Captain Data, etc.
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