Track and enrich your B2B contacts' or leads' positions

Enriching B2B contacts and prospects with their function and role in the company
is essential for effective prospecting


Find and add the job of your leads or contacts

Dropcontact enriches more than just the verified and qualified personal email of your contact and prospect databases. Now, Dropcontact adds your contact's job: ideal to personalize your messages and add a hyper-customized context.

Moreover, as Dropcontact normalizes and standardizes the first and last name and adds the titles and all the company information you may need: your prospecting campaigns become unique and more personalized than ever.

Dropcontact also adds the LinkedIn URL of the contact and the company so you can easily take a look before a call, for example 🤙🏼

Add and update the position of B2B contacts
Qualification base de données prospects : ajout de la fonction

Qualify your B2B prospect base

Qualification of a B2B lead base is paramount, but your time is precious!

Dropcontact automatically adds the job title of each of your contacts when enriching.

Directly in the lead files, Pipedrive, HubSpot and soon in Salesforce CRMs and via the API, the "job title" is enriched.... and permanently without the use of any nominative database or LinkedIn scraping 🪄


Segment to hyper-personalize your cold-emails

Knowing the role of your prospect within not only allows you to target your Cold Email campaigns but also and above all, to personalize them.

Dropcontact enriches all your leads' information. So, you can personalize your messages according to the expectation of your prospect.

A Salesperson will not have the same needs and expectations as a Head of Growth for example 🎯

Add the position, function or job of its B2B contacts
CRM : enrichment and addition of the function

Enrichment directly in your CRM

A first name, a last name and a company's name are enough for Dropcontact to enrich the complete record (including the job) of the B2B contact directly in Pipedrive and HubSpot!

  • Verified and qualified nominative email
  • Business phone number
  • Job of the contact within their company
  • Gender
  • First and last name standardization
  • LinkedIn
  • All company information necessary for prospecting

Enrichment of the position thanks to the Dropcontact API

The Dropcontact API follows the evolutions in real time.
The "job title", the function of your contacts or prospects is AUTOMATICALLY added in the results of your queries. 💥

Dropcontact API: enriching and adding the job

Enrichment of the job in contact files

The function/job of your contacts is automatically cleaned.
This way, you have all the standardized information you need for segmentation and hyper-personalization of your sales actions.

Dropcontact goes even further.

If you don't have your contacts' jobs, Dropcontact will add them automatically.

You can now focus on the copywriting of your Cold Emails by customizing each message to each function. 😍

Dropcontact's other features

Dropcontact is a complete B2B enrichment tool:
Email Finder, complete enrichment of B2B contact data, verification and qualification of emails, detection and management of duplicate contacts...

Company change tracking and alert

Dropcontact not only identifies when your contacts change jobs or companies. The tool also updates all the relevant information within the contact's record.

But it also sends alert for you to be aware of any major changes!
Tracking and exploitation of a prospect's change of company

Email finder

From a first name, a last name and a website (or a company name) Dropcontact finds, verifies and qualifies the email addresses of your contacts and prospects.

No need to use another verification tool, Dropcontact does it systematically... and for the same price!
B2B Email Finder

CRM merging of duplicate contacts

All duplicates, duplicate contact records and duplicate company records, are identified even without a common field... and are automatically merged.

The quality and integrity of the data is guaranteed.

Detection and merging of duplicate contacts

Email checker

Email addresses are tested and verified automatically.

Invalid, false or erroneous emails are systematically detected, corrected or deleted, no need to check them again,

Dropcontact does it automatically, without extra cost.
Email verifier

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