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Emelia : Cold Emails for all

Emelia is a user-friendly, intuitive Cold Email tool that can create highly-customised prospecting campaigns

Cold Email with Emelia

Cold Emailing with Emelia

Emelia is a tool specialised in Cold Emails with easy but efficient features:

  • An A/B testing system that allows you to automatically rephrase your content to test out different Cold Emails
  • The set-up of a second email to be sent after a predefined lapse of a few seconds: you can for instance use it to send an attachment, to make your interactions more authentic and more human. "Oops, here's the attachment, silly me 😉"
Automating your Cold Email prospecting with Emelia et Dropcontact

Automating your Cold Email prospecting with Emelia and Dropcontact

Emelia is integrated with several automation and workflow tools like Zapier, n8n and Make. That's its real strength!

You can then create high-performance prospecting workflows by connecting Dropcontact and Emelia together with an automation tool.

Dropcontact updates, cleans, enriches, and standardizes your contact data so that your emails reach your recipients, avoiding bounces.

For instance: create a personalized workflow that allows you to push your contacts from a Google Sheet, to enrich them with Dropcontact and upload them with Emelia, where you'll be able to send Cold emails to your leads' updated email addresses. You can then be sure that your emails will be received by the right people: bye-bye high bounce rates and underperforming campaigns!

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Emelia

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Emelia

Access all your Cold Emails from any device thanks to Emelia's responsive.

You can access Emelia on your smartphone, tablet and computer so that you don't miss out on your prospecting campaigns. The tool gives you real-time access to all the data regarding your prospecting campaigns and allows you to directly answer to your hottest leads 🔥


Emelia offers volume discounts, based on the number of addresses you want to connect and from which you want to send Cold Emails. For one address, it'll cost you 19€ per month to have an unlimited number of campaigns and contacts.

If you connect 10 email addresses, it'll cost you 10€ per address per month.

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Emelia's pros

Emelia's pros

Emelia is an affordable user-friendly tool for everyone.

Pricing is transparent and can be adapted to its users' needs. The tool has numerous customizable features which allows you to adapt your strategy depending on the performance of your previous campaigns.

In short, Emelia has everything to launch your Cold Emailing campaign.

multiple integrations with Emelia

Easy integrations to automate your prospecting

One of Emelia's strengths lies in its open API, which can be used in several automation tools like Zapier, Make or n8n.

This allows you to automate all of your prospectiong sequence, without coding and in a few minutes: from lead generation and enrichment, to connecting your CRM and sending out Cold Emails. 

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Emelia

intégration Emelia x Dropcontact

Finding emails with Dropcontact and Emelia

Emelia does not natively integrate any Email Finder but... integrating Dropcontact to your prospecting workflow is super easy with n8n, Zapier or Make.

As soon as a contact is added to Emelia, it's enriched by Dropcontact and then updated. Your campaigns are ready to be sent in a flash!

intégration Emelia x Dropcontact

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