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Expandi, the tool combining LinkedIn and Cold Emails

Expandi, the tool combining LinkedIn and Cold Emails

Cold Emailing with Expandi

Cold Emailing with Expandi

Expandi is a platform with which you can combine LinkedIn automations with Cold emails to increase your opening and response rate of your prospecting campaigns.

Expandi is compatible with all email service providers and offers a high level of personalisation for email content. For instance, you can custom images and gifs directly on the platform to tailor your communication top each of your recipients.

You can also create personalized "scenarios" to have an overview of your campaign and track the progress of each step.


The Business plan is at 79$ per month and gives you access to all of Expanse's main features, such as:

  • An unlimited number of campaigns
  • Multichannel prospecting
  • the personalization of content through dynamic gifs and images
  • etc.

You can also choose a tailored subscription plan, available from 10 users. You will have your own CSM, be able to centralize the campaigns of all your team members or to export your campaigns outside of Expandi's platform.

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Les avantages d'Expandi

Warm up your LinkedIn with Expandi

Warm-up your LinkedIn with Expandi

Though it does not offer any email warm-up service, Expandi can warm-up your LinkedIn profile while limiting the number of invitations sent each day to avoid being sanctioned by LinkedIn.

Sending too many invitations in a short amount of time can lead to a temporary suspension of your LinkedIn account or a freeze of particular actions. In this regard, Expandi set up a limit that allows you to send invitations to connect progressively. You can send up to 300 invitations per week.

Multichannel with Expandi

Expandi allows you to create multichannel prospecting campaigns by combining LinkedIn messages, InMails and Emails.

Each campaign is adjustable and can have as many steps as necessary. Steps are separated by a predefined interval.

You can add "IF" statements to trigger other events, such as:

  • "If an invitation to connect is accepted, send a message"
  • "If the prospect visited my profile, send them an InMail"
  • etc. 

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