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LaGrowthMachine : automate your multi-channel prospecting

LaGrowthMachine, the tool for boosting your prospecting strategy

Cold Emailing with LaGrowthMachine

Cold Emailing with LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine is a tool which can boost your sales performance thanks to its targeted and hyper-customized Cold Email campaigns.

Several templates are already available to build your Cold Email campaigns.

The tool also offers template customization to optimise your prospecting campaigns and integrate all of your tools, thanks to its integrated web hooks💥

Automate your Cold Email prospecting with LaGrowthMachine and Dropcontact

Automate your Cold Email prospecting with LaGrowthMachine and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is integrated with LaGrowthMachine to boost your prospecting strategy  🚀

LaGrowthMachine is first going to extract and scrape the details of your leads directly from LinkedIn.

Dropcontact is then going to enrich and standardize your contact's data with additional information such as their professional phone numbers, their name-based email and the legal details of their company. Your contact database will never have been this complete!

What's even cooler is that integrating Dropcontact to LaGrowthMachine does not require any action from you, since Dropcontact is natively integrated to the solution.


LaGrowthMachine's subscription starts at 50€ per month to benefit from multi-channel campaigns, data enrichment and from 3 prospecting campaigns.

To enjoy integrations with tools like Zapier or to use the API, you'll need to choose the Pro subscription for 100€ per month.

A free trial is also available for 14 days to discover the solution.

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LaGrowthMachine's pros

Integration with high-performance CRMs

Integration with high-performance CRMs

LaGrowthMachine can be integrated with HubSpot and Pipedrive to update your leads' data in real-time, directly in your CRM.

All messages in your prospecting campaigns can then be synchronised with your CRM, allowing you to have an overall view of your interactions with your prospects so that you can contact them again in due time.

You can also directly integrate modules related toyour HubSpot or Pipedrive CRM with personalized workflows so as to automate all the actions made in LaGrowthMachine.

Multi-channels with LaGrowthMachine : Cold Email + LinkedIn + X (former Twitter)

LaGrowthMachine allows you to create multi-channel campaigns by combining several tools to multiply your chances of contacting your prospects. Viewing a LinkedIn profile, then adding them to your connections, sending them a DM on X - there are endless possibilities for you to build a real prospecting strategy and boost its growth.

Thanks to your well-crafted workflows or to pre-existing templates, you can adjust your campaign from beginning to end and hyper-personalize your prospecting strategy.

Finding emails with LaGrowthMachine

Finding emails with LaGrowthMachine

LaGrowthMachine first identifies your contacts and then enriches them with their professional information.

Professional email, professional phone number, X (former Twitter) account, LaGrowthmachine gives you all the data you need for prospecting  💪

The details are directly imported to your LaGrowthMachine account, and can then be transferred to your HubSpot or Pipedrive CRM.

Say hi to complete data💥

Finding emails with LaGrowthMachine

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