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lemlist, the all-in-one tool to boost your prospecting

lemlist, the all-in-one Cold Email tool to boost your prospecting

Cold Emailing with lemlist

Cold Emailing with lemlist

lemlist is a multi-purpose tool which allows you to build and program your Cold Email campaigns. You can ultra-personalize your content through custom variables with which you can personalize catch-phrases and add specific calls-to-action.

Content personalization goes even further when adding dynamic images through the construction of templates and the addition of personalized text fields, directly inserted in this same template. Adding your logo, the name of your prospect or even screenshots are all just one click away.

Automate your prospecting with AI and lemlist

Automate your prospecting with AI and lemlist

lemlist has integrated AI to help salespersons to build high-performance Cold Email campaigns with just a few clicks. The tool can generate icebreakers, or even complete sequences adapted to each prospect and their contact info.

This AI-based strategy aims at automating and simplifying the prospecting process to save time and generate more growth.


lemlist's "Email Outreach" monthly subscription starts at 59$ per month and per user to send an unlimited number of emails, to benefit from contact enrichment, to enjoy the AI integration or to send automated reminder emails.

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lemlist's pros

Warm-up your email inbox with lemlist

Warm-up your email inbox with lemlist

lemlist developed its own warm-up software: lemwarm. 

The tool is directly connected to lemlist and works on the number of emails users want to send everyday. In short, each email is sent with lemwarm and then removed from junk folders and from different categories to end up in the main inbox of the campaigns' recipients.

Multichannel with lemlist

lemlist allows its users to create multichannel campaigns by mixing LinkedIn profile visits, LinkedIn messages, emails and calls thanks to its Aircall integration.

Multichannel is beneficial insofar as it allows you to define the interval between each action, to personalize content, and to maximize your chances of reaching your prospect.

Finding emails with lemlist

Finding emails with lemlist

lemlist created its own Email Finder which works with a Chrome extension. It can find the email addresses of prospects through their LinkedIn profile and directly add them in your lemlist's prospecting campaigns.

This Email Finder is based on a waterfall system which interrogates a series of different email finding tools until it can find a result. 

Finding emails with lemlist

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