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Multiply your response rate by 10 with Meet Alfred

Multiply your response rate by 10 with Meet Alfred

Cold Emailing with Meet Alfred

Cold Emailing with Meet Alfred

Each prospecting sequence created with Alfred is 100% customizable and can be deployed depending on triggers of your choice

The performance of these campaigns is then analysed in real-time so that users can modify them and tailor them to their target.


Meet Alfred's pricing plans start at 49$ per month with the Personal plan which gives you 3 simultaneous active prospecting campaigns, allows you to use multichannel campaigns and lets you discover email templates.

To enjoy an unlimited number of campaigns, you'll need to choose the Business plan for 69$ per month. This plan also gives you access to LinkedIn automations. 

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Meet Alfred's pros

Multichannel with Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred gives its users the opportunity to create multichannel campaigns, for instance by combining LinkedIn, emails and X (formerly Twitter). These can be adjusted by adding personalized filters or by adding intervals in between each action.

Here are a few examples of actions you can add to your multichannel campaign with Alfred:

  • Sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn
  • Viewing your prospect's profile to trigger a notification
  • Sending thank-you notes
  • Sending automated follow-ups
Scraping leads with Meet Alfred

Scraping leads with Meet Alfred

Alfred allows you to generate leads and to import them to its platform. The solution can scrape leads directly via LinkedIn. To do so, the tool targets each person who interacted with the content of an employee or of a company. It can then take upon itself to send a message or an invitation to connect. 

Scraping leads with Meet Alfred

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