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Quickmail, the centralizing tool for your cold email campaigns

Quickmail, the centralizing tool for all your cold emails campaigns

Cold Emailing with Quickmail

Quickmail is a tool which allows you to create custom cold-email campaigns. Quickmail is integrated with Gmail, Outlook and many more email providers.

Boost your Cold Email and your prospecting with Quickmail

Boost your Cold Email and your prospecting with Quickmail

Thanks to its centralized mailbox, Quickmail can group each set of interactions on one single interface, so that you never miss a reply. Not only does the interface detect replies to prospects' emails, but it also detects all of the emails that they have sent.

Quickmail Pricing

The Basic Plan starts at $49/month and allows you to send up to 30 000 emails, to save up to 10 000 prospects, and to enjoy Quickmail's integration with Zapier, with an unlimited number of team members.

As for the Pro Plan, it allows you to send up to 100 000 emails per month. Last but not least, Quickmail's Expert Plan allows you to send up to 300 000 emails per month to 100 000 prospects.

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Quickmail's pros

Cold Emailing with Quickmail

Cold Emailing with Quickmail

Quickmail allows all team members to work together with the tool. Each and everyone is free to add their contacts, to create a cold-email campaign or to talk with their prospects.

Each completed action is then saved in a particular archive, which you can access to get up to speed on the progress of the deals. This dashboard is a way to avoid contacting a prospect to whom you've already reached out, saving you a precious daily amount of time.

Warm-up your inbox with Quickmail

Warming-up your inbox with Quickmail

Quickmail can lead to a significant increase of email delivery, thanks to an integrated warm-up system and a spam-management system. The tool also uses email rotation to send cold emails through different email addresses, so that you never end up in the spam folder.

The tool eventually provides you with an analysis of your delivery rate for each cold email campaign.

Boost your Cold Email and your prospecting with Quickmail

Mutlichannels with Quickmail

Quickmail lets its users create their very own multi-channel campaigns. Dates and sending periods are 100% customizable: you can define sending conditions thanks to personalised variables, like adding a new contact or opening an email.

Several types of actions are available: sending an email, video call, sending a text or even a Slack message.

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