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Reply : the platform that engages with your prospects

Reply : the platform that engages with your prospects

Cold Emailing with Reply

Cold Emailing with Reply

Reply allows you to optimize your Cold Email campaigns thanks to personalized templates and full ready-to-use sequences. The platform has more 40 "high-performance" templates to help Sales reach high opening rates and get in touch with a maximum of prospects. 

You can then share ongoing campaigns with the rest of your team.

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Reply

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Reply

Reply developed Jason AI, a B2B AI assistant which can create highly-customized email sequences and deploy email follow-ups. 

For this, you'll need to give your ideal prospects' details by defining your "perfect customer" profile, describe your offerings and your product, so that Jason AI can automate the process and deal with prospect interactions. 


Reply's pricing starts at 60$ per month for the Starter plan, which gives you access to an email outbox and to 1 000 email credits per month. You'll also be able to benefit from Jason AI an from the Pipedrive/HubSpot integration.

For 90$ per month, the Professional Plan gives you access to two email outboxes and 1000 email credits per month. You'll be able to enjoy the Warm-up service, to create multi-channel campaigns and to use the Salesforce integration.

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Warm-up your email inbox with Reply

Warming-up your email inbox with Reply

Reply has partnered with Mailtoaster which offers a warm-up service directly integrated with Reply. 

This service allows you to keeo a good email sender reputation ad to make sure your emails are delivered to your contacts' email inbox.

This warm-up service is included in Reply's Professional plan.

Boost your Cold Emails and your prospecting with Reply

Multichannel with Reply

Reply enables you to create multichannel campaigns by combining messages on social media such asLinkedIn, calls, text or WhatsApp messages so as to multiply the ways you can contact your prospects. 

These campaigns are entirely customizable and can have as many steps as you need. You can add specific intervals between each step to make your interactions more human. Reply is also able to add labels to your contacts, such as "interested", "not interested", etc.

Finding emails with Reply

Finding emails with Reply

Reply has a database of more than 140 million professional contacts, enabling its users to expand their contact list. 

Reply offers an email and phone number verification service to make sure you can reach your prospect with an updated file. 

Contacts can be found on Reply based on their industry, localisation, experience, etc.

Users can then directly add them to their Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs thanks to Reply's native integrations.

Finding emails with Reply

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