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Skylead : create fully automated prospecting workflows

Skylead, the tool that allows you to create fully automated prospecting workflows

Cold Emailing with Skylead

Cold Emailing with Skylead

Skylead is a Cold Email tool that allows you to connect as many email accounts as needed. The tool is compatible with all email service providers and enables you to rotate between your various email addresses to send hundreds, or even thousands of emails per month.

The tool also allows you to customize the content of your emails by adding dynamic variables that can be adapted to the characteristics of your prospects. For instance, the variables can rely on the name of their company, their job title, their seniority...

With email personalisation, you can add gifs or dynamic images adapted to each of your prospects. For instance, you can add a text message on a poster or on a gif that will vary depending on predefined variables.


Skylead offers an All-in-On subscription plan for 100$ per month. It gives you access to an unlimited number of email accounts, the Email Finder integrated in Skylead and lets you send up to 100 000 emails per month and create as many workflows as you want.

For companies needing a personalised support, you can book an appointment with Skylead's Sales Team to discover the White Label plan. This provides you with a personalised customer support, a custom pricing, your own Success Manager and your own Slack Channel.

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Skylead's pros

Cold Emailing with Skylead

Cold Emailing with Skylead

Skylead's major advantage when it comes to Cold Emails lies in the high volume of emails you can send per month (up to 100 000 Cold Emails).

The high level of personalisation of emails and workflows also allows you to tailor your messages to your prospects and to create content to which they can better relate. 

Multichannel with Skylead

With Skylead, you can create "Smart Sequences" with multi-step automated workflows. Each step can be triggered after predefined intervals. The creation of these workflows can be done through the Drag&Drop of each step and through the definition of a timeframe between each of them.

You can therefore link different communication channels to reach your prospects, like LinkedIn with your Cold Emails.

For instance, you can pair sending a Cold Email with an automatic viewing the LinkedIn profile of your prospect, and then define a trigger (for instance, your Cold Email being opened). Once done, you'll be able to add a new step to your workflow such as sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn.

Using multichannel sequences allows you to maximise your chances of reaching your prospect, and therefore to turn them into a client.

Finding Emails Skylead

Finding Emails with Skylead

Skylead can find the professional emails of thousands of prospects from their first name, last name and domaine name, or from the URL of their LinkedIn profile.

Skylead can therefore scrape public data directly from the Web. 

You can also add a module in your prospecting workflows to integrate the Email Finder directly in your ongoing campaigns, so that you can make sure you have the right email address for your prospects. 

However, Skylead does not provide information as to the source of the data provided by the Email Finder. This is questionable insofar as they must be obtain legally and be in compliance with the GDPR.

Email rotation with Skylead

Email Rotation with Skylead

Skylead allows you to connect an unlimited number of email accounts, directly on the platform.

Once you've done that, these will be able to send Cold Emails thanks to email rotation, i.e. each Cold Email will be sent from a different email account that you have set up. This method is a way to go beyond the usual sending limits of each account and allows you to maintain a good reputation as an email sender.

Finding Emails Skylead

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