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Smartlead, the all-in-one solution to send Cold Emails

Smartlead, the tool that can boost your Cold Email deliverability

Cold Emailing with

Cold Emailing with

Smartlead is a tool that combines several features allowing you to create and deploy impacting and converting Cold Email campaigns. For instance, the tool can generate random IP addresses for each campaign so as to maximise their deliverability.

With its"Email Service Provider matching", Smartlead can match your client's email service provider with yours. This process can significantly increase the deliverability of your emails. 

Pricing's Basic plan starts at 33$ per month and allows you to add 2 000 leads and send 6 000 emails per month.

To add 10 000 leads and send up to 40 000 emails per month, you'll need to choose the Popular plan for 65$ per month.

With the Pro plan at 78$ per month, you can add 30 000 leads and send up to 150 000 emails per month. 

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Warm-up your inbox with

Warm-up your email inbox with

Smartlead uses AI to offer a warm-up service that allows you to increase and keep a good deliverability rate while protecting your domain reputation. An anti-spam software ensures that your emails always end up in the main inbox of your recipient, therefore avoiding the spam folder. 

Auto-rotation emails with

Auto-rotation emails with

With Smartlead, you can connect multiple email inboxes and manage them all in the same interface with auto-rotation emails. This saves you a significant amount of time when it comes to managing your email inboxes.

This process also allows you to maintain a good reputation as an email sender. 

The connection with your inbox is really easy, all with one click.

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