Stop wasting your time on contact enrichment. Dropcontact does it for you : the tool combining Cold Email and Email Finder, create personalised workflows to optimize your prospecting strategy

Cold Emailing avec

Cold Emailing with is a tool with which you can create prospecting and Cold Email campaigns through highly-personalized workflows.

Each workflow can have an unlimited number of steps: from the trigger (elements that can define the launch of your campaign, like a date or an action in your CRM, etc.) to adding a Cold Email to be sent; or even reminder emails. 

The tool offers several templates that allow you to personalize the content of your emails.

Automate your prospecting and your Cold Emails with and Dropcontact

Automate your prospecting and your Cold Emails with and Dropcontact is integrated with several automation tool like Zapier, Integrally and Make, which allow you to create highly-personalized and high-performance prospecting workflows. You can easily connect Dropcontact with so that you can clean, update and enrichi your contact data before sending emails.

First, you'll have to create a workflow in one of the tools mentioned above and add a step with a Google Sheet connected to a file with your contacts. Then, you'll need to add an "Enrich Contact" step with Dropcontact which will ensure the enrichment of your data. Lastly, you'll have to add a module which will allow you to send Cold Emails to the email addresses freshly enriched by Dropcontact.

This workflow will ensure that your emails reach their recipients, will prevent bounces and improve your deliverability rate 🔥

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Boost yourCold Emails and your prospecting with

Boost yourCold Emails and your prospecting with allows you to create highly-personalized campaigns and email contents thanks to its personalized variables like the first name, the last name, the city or the company of your contacts. 

It's also possible to add pictures and dynamic videos tailored to each email - the content then becomes dynamic and adapted to each type of conversation.'s Pricing's Starter plan costs 30$ per month and allows you to contact up to 5 000 recipients per month with an unlimited number of sender addresses.

The Pro plan is 75$ per month and allows you to contact up to 10 000 recipients per month, always with an unlimited number of sender addresses. also offers a free plan than allows you to send emails to 100 recipients per month for you to discover the tool.

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Cold Emailing with

Cold Emailing with 's Cold Email campaigns are entirely adjustable. The tool offers A/B Testing to compare different types of email content so that you can adjust them when needed in the future. 

You can also add more recipients after the launch of your campaigns.

Last but not least, gives you an accurate analysis of your Cold Email performance, in real-time, with opening, clic, and response rates.

Warm-up your email inbox with

Warm-up your email inbox with

All of's pricing plans include a warm-up service. This is aimed at:

  • Increasing your deliverability rate and ensuring your emails reach their recipients;
  • Keeping a good email domain reputation;
  • Boosting your conversion rate.

To benefit from this warm-up service, you'll need to connect your email address, define your strategy (i.e. the progressive, constant or personalised set up of the warm-up) and that's it! will take care of the rest to make sure your email never end up in the junk folder.

Boost yourCold Emails and your prospecting with

Find emails with

Find emails avec's Email Finder can help you find and enrich contacts based on:

  • A domain name
  • The type of company you're looking for
  • The localisation
  • The company size
  • On a specific contact thanks to their first name, last name and the name of their company

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