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Zopto, the multipurpose tool combining multichannel and Cold Email

Zopto, the multipurpose tool combining multichannel and Cold Email

Cold Emails with Zopto

Cold Emailing with Zopto

Zopto is a platform that allows you to build your prospecting campaigns from scratch.

Several features are available for you to maximise the performances of your Cold Emails. For instance, you can use A/B testing to compare two email models and then select the most performing one.

Then, Zoptop will give you real-time reports on past and ongoing campaigns to always keep an eye on your campaigns' performances.


Zopto's pricing plans all have the same features. The difference lies in the number of accounts, and therefore of potential users.

To have a Zopto account, you'll need to choose the Personal plan for 155$ per month.

For 2 accounts, the Grow plan is at 250$ per month.

For 5 accounts, the Agency & Enterprise formula costs 625$ per month. 

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Zopto's pros

Cold Emailing with Zopto

Cold Emailing with Zopto

With Zopto, you can highly personalize your Cold Email campaigns. For instance, you can customize images and gifs in your email template for each prospect, based on predefined variables.

You can also trigger campaigns from a specific action, like viewing a LinkedIn profile or participating in an event like a webinar for instance.

AI also comes into play in Zopto to create personalized templates or send follow-ups for previous campaigns. 

Multichannel with Zopto

With Zopto, you can create multichannel campaigns based on several tools: LinkedIn, emails, or through X (former Twitter).

For instance, you can contact prospects who also use Zopto on LinkedIn, without using any InMail credits or triggering campaigns after viewing a LinkedIn profile.

Once you've set them up, you can schedule and adjust multichannel campaigns on demand. 

Finding Emails with Zopto

Finding emails with Zopto

Zopto finds prospects for their clients, so that they can expand their contact base. The tool also standardizes and cleans data (removes emojis and symbols). Data cleaning is apparently made with AI. However, Zopto does not share information on the source of their data to enrich its database.

Finding Emails with Zopto

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