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Linkedcamp x Dropcontact : one of the best LinkedIn prospecting tools

Linkedcamp lets you target, contact and interact with your target audience. Combined with Dropcontact, you can explode results with Cold Emails.

Linkedcamp: the tool to facilitate Linkedin and multi-channel prospecting


Linkedcamp is a Sales Automation solution focused on LinkedIn and multi-channel (LinkedIn + email).

Linkedcamp has clearly been developed to ease the lives of Sales and Marketing teams in their use of LinkedIn and Cold Email, leaving them to concentrate on what matters: SELLING

Linkedcamp has 4 main features

  • B2B lead generation on LinkedIn
  • Creation of prospecting sequences
  • Cold Email
  • Hyper-personalization, notably through GIF customization

B2B lead generation on LinkedIn

To generate targeted B2B leads on LinkedIn, Linkedcamp suggests multiplying the sources of research and acquisition:

  • Via a basic LinkedIn search or a more in-depth search on Sales navigator or LinkedIn Recruit
  • Via importing a database of LinkedIn profile URLs that you already own (from your CRM for example)
  • Via scraping profiles that have interacted with a targeted LinkedIn post
  • Via scraping individuals who are part of a LinkedIn groupVia scraping people taking part in a specific LinkedIn event
The Linkedcamp interface
Linkedcamp's interface is simple and effective

Automated and personalized prospecting sequences

From there, you can launch an invitation campaign (⚠️ beware of the weekly limit imposed by LinkedIn) - with or without a message -, a private message campaign or inMail if you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

To go even further, you can even program a follow-up or engagement sequence.

💪🏼 All this is automatic, and customizable. And that's the strength of Linkedcamp

If your LinkedIn account is brand new and has no history yet, we strongly advise you to use the dewarm-up function. This "People You May Know" campaign warms up your account based on suggestions from your network or contacts. This gives your account a boost and increases your connections.

Objective: fool LinkedIn 😈

Cold Email and multi-channel

Like all good Sales Automation tools, Linkecamp lets you fully customize multi-channel sequences combining LinkedIn and Cold Email: the winning duo of B2B prospecting.

Nothing could be simpler: you program your acquisition source and the entire sequence: content, time, triggers...

Thanks to dynamic fields, it's obviously possible to personalize first name, last name, company... In short, all the information present on the person's LinkedIn profile.

Concerning Cold Emails, Linkedcamp has chosen to integrate with Dropcontact. So you're guaranteed to send the right e-mail to the right e-mail address, verified by Dropcontact!

No risk with Dropcontact 💚

example of a Linkedcamp campaign

Once the campaign is launched, you can view, respond and interact directly on Linkedcamp.

Everything is centralized to facilitate your prospecting.You can even integrate task creation directly into your workflow so you don't miss a thing when following up with your prospects.

💡 A few little extras:

You can schedule auto-Withdrawal on LinkedIn, i.e. delete all invitations that have remained unanswered for the last X days.

You can also schedule your vacations to pause your campaigns and thus avoid any suspicion of automation 😉

And one last must-have feature: Linkedcamp detects duplicates and guarantees not to send the same campaign several times to the same person.

Dropcontact, the ideal solution for enriching your multi-channel prospecting emails: LinkedIn + Cold Email

Qu'est-ce que Dropcontact ?

Dropcontact is the benchmark tool for finding verified and validated email, as well as all the data needed for hyper-personalized prospecting of a contact from a LinkedIn URL.

And all this while remaining 100% RGPD compliant.Indeed, Dropcontact neither owns nor uses databases to provide contact data: only algorithms and proprietary technology.

From a LinkedIn URL (or a first name, last name and website) Dropcontact is able to provide:

  • Contact information
  • Email address validated and verified at time T
  • Business phone number
  • Civility (for grammatical agreement)
  • Job title (cleaned up)
  • Cleaned LinkedIn profile
  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Company LinkedIn page
  • Business sectorVAT, SIRET, SIREN number
  • Latest published sales figures
  • Last published result
  • NAF code
  • Postal address

Dropcontact integration in Linkedcamp

Dropcontact integration is very easy to set up, and allows you to enrich your LinkedIn contacts directly in Linkedcamp, so that you can complete your sequences with Cold Emails.

How to set up this integration

Integrating Dropcontact with Linkedcamp has never been easier.

Simply enter the Dropcontact API key (available in the app > Integrations and API)

where to find your Dropcontact API key

Then paste it into Linkedcamp > Settings > Integrations > Dropcontact

Paste your Dropcontact API key into Linkedcamp

From now on, your emails are provided by Dropcontact, verified and validated before being sent to your sequences.

💥 Dropcontact emails are 99% verified

Linkedcamp x Dropcontact pricing

Linkedcamp is available from €56 per month, and €64 for the option of sending sequences of Cold Emails.

To use Dropcontact in Linkedcamp, you need a Dropcontact subscription. Subscriptions start at €29, and each subscription is completely flexible. You can up/downgrade or cancel as you see fit, depending on your needs.

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