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Dropcontact is integrated in Luna to multiply your cold emailing possibilities!

The Dropcontact integration in Luna gives you all the cards you need for your B2B prospecting to succeed.


What is Luna?

Luna is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to streamline your prospecting thanks to Cold Emails. Enter your criteria, and you will get a daily stream of leads with which you will be able to choose whether you want to start conversation or not. The leads can come directly from Luna or from your own leads and prospects database.

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Artificial intelligence at the service of your B2B emailing

When you create your account, you will be asked to answer questions about your company and your target (activity sector, company size, job titles that you want to target, etc.). Luna's interface works as a card-based system. Depending on the criteria you entered when creating your account, Luna searches its database in order to suggest a corresponding lead as well as a pre-written message. Obviously, the message can be modified before being sent.

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Like Tinder but for B2B emailing, you can accept or refuse to send the message suggested by Luna. If the card is accepted, the message is sent at a random working hour within the lead's time zone. Otherwise, Luna uses the refusal to improve future suggestions and interactions. The accepted cards come back later to allow you to plan any necessary follow-ups.

Finally, Luna provides a precise monitoring for the conversations that you started, as well as the opening and reply rates. The monitoring can be done on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Manage your own leads with Luna

Aside from the leads suggested daily by Luna, you have several possibilities if you want  to work in Luna with your own prospects.

First, you can import the contacts you stocked locally in Excel or CSV databases.

Then, the native integrations in Hubspot and Pipedrive allow Luna to suggest leads that are not already in your CRM.


What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact is THE reference for enriching, updating and cleaning data in your contact files and your CRM. 💚

Dropcontact ends repetitive tasks and makes you gain a lot of precious time:

  • Your contacts are completed with up-to-date information that is capital for your prospecting (form of address, company's legal data, LinkedIn profile, company website, etc.).
  • Incomplete profiles become selling opportunities! Dropcontact finds a professional email address simply with a LinkedIn profile, or with a "full name + company website (or just company name)" combination.
  • The e-mail address is qualified (name-based, catch all) and validated, to maximize your reply rate ! 😄
  • Prospect while remaining 100% compliant with the GDPR: Dropcontact does not stock any contacts in databases. Dropcontact developed its own algorithms for real-time enrichment.

The Luna x Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is directly integrated in Luna. No need to get a Dropcontact subscription or to do anything in order to enjoy the enrichment. You get it even with the free plan. 🤩

If the contacts that you import have at least a surname, a first name and a company website, Luna will send the information to Dropcontact in order to find the professional email address.

Here's how to import you leads in a few clicks:

• Make sure that you file has recognizable headers such as "First Name", "Last Name", "Company website", etc.

Lead table for Luna

• Import your fields while making sure the right columns are set for the right fields.

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The integration also works in the background for Luna's "card-suggesting" interface. That way, Luna can suggest even more leads for you.


Luna's pricing depends on the number of emails that you want to send every month. The free plan allows you to send 25 emails per month and per colleagues, with a total monthly limit of 150 emails.

See Luna 's pricing

Dropcontact being directly integrated in Luna, you do not need to get another subscription to benefit form the enrichment.

All done!

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Dropcontact is integrated in many solutions, such as:




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