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Dropcontact is integrated with Waalaxy to boost your LinkedIn prospection! ⚡️

Your automatic prospecting levels up with Dropcontact and Waalaxy!

Waalaxy to automate your prospection

What is Waalaxy?

Multichannel prospecting is a technique that consists in using several communication channels for your research of leads. In the era of social media and of the multiplication of communication tools, it is capital to have more than one card up your sleeve. 

Waalaxy (formerly Prospectin) is an automatic multichannel prospecting tool that allows you to launch campaigns in order to generate qualified and targeted leads. Waalaxy lets you create automated sequences in order to send group invitations as well as hyper personalized messages on LinkedIn or via cold email. 

Your main goal is to find new leads and convert them into clients. This easy-to-use tool will make you gain some valuable time. From finding the email to monitoring the interactions with the lead, more than 100 possibilities are at your disposal for your LinkedIn prospection!  

Automating LinkedIn and Sales Navigator to generate leads 

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B database in the world. This professional social media website is vital when it comes to prospecting.

Developing your network by sending requests to visited profiles, checking who commented on your posts, starting the conversation with a targeted message, following up, here are some of the tasks for which the LinkedIn automation offered by Waalaxy comes in handy. You can even choose between many scenarios.

In order to prospect internationally, you need to be present in every time zones. With Waalaxy, you can put your LinkedIn profile on autopilot. Your campaigns can be scheduled to take off at any hour.

In addition to the web app, a very convenient Chrome extension allows you to go even faster.

So, how does Waalaxy work?

The first step is to create a list of prospects.

  • The Waalaxy Chrome extension lets you quickly import from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. It works on the results of a search, the members of a group, someone’s network or the profiles of those who commented on your posts.
  • This feature can be coupled with an Email Finder that gives you the public email addresses, even for those who refused your connection requests.

Be careful though! Only with Waalaxy’s Business plan will you be able to enjoy Dropcontact’s enrichment. In order to remain compliant with the GDPR, be careful not to prospect to personal email addresses. B2B only!

Once the prospects are defined, the next step is to contact them!

Waalaxy automatically connects to your LinkedIn account. You then have access to the various campaigns that will help you launch your automatic prospecting! Click on “Launch a campaign” on the top of your screen, then choose the campaign that best suits your need.

Waalaxy campaigns offer scenarios that are more or less complex, depending on the level of interaction that you want to put in place. Here is a simple example:

  • Visit the profile
  • 1 day later: request a connection
  • If yes: send a message with scheduled follow-ups over several days
  • If no: Email Finder + Enrichment -> you now have an email address to send a cold email to.
Dropcontact x Waalaxy: Automatization of your prospection

Cold email with Waalaxy 🥶

Cold emailing is a prospecting technique that consists in contacting a targeted lead who doesn’t know you. Even when it’s integrated into a task automation sequence, a cold email must seem unique and written by an actual person: there comes hyper personalization.

To achieve this, Waalaxy lets you add variables such as {{first name}}, {{last name}} and {{company}}. That way, your prospect’s name, family name and company are automatically added to the message template. Then, you can add your personal touch that will make you stand out from the others. 🤭

Advanced automatic prospecting: auto-import, Cloud, CRM sync 

Waalaxy’s Pro, Advanced and Business plans offer many more possibilities that can be interesting depending on the use cases:

  • Auto-import: trigger imports of prospects and campaign launches with a specific action on LinkedIn, like a comment on a post or after someone follows your profile.
  • Cloud: the automatic prospecting campaigns can be launched at any hours (Pro, Advanced and Business plans). This is ideal for international prospecting.
  • CRM sync: synchronize your lists of prospects with noCRM.io (Advanced and Business plan). Support for Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho and Salesforce is coming soon. By the way, Dropcontact is natively integrated with Hubspot, Pipedrive and Salesforce in order to detect and fuse duplicates!
  • Enrichment: Dropcontact! 💚 (only for the Business plan)
Dropcontact, the best integration to find business email

What is Dropcontact?

Enrich the data of your prospects with Dropcontact

Dropcontact is the only B2B contact data enrichment solution based only on algorithms, with no stocked databases. It is one of the only solutions of the market that is guaranteed to be 100% compliant with the GDPR.

With Dropcontact, your contact data is checked and updated, so that your Marketing and Sales Team may serenely focus on their work!

Dropcontact completes incomplete profiles with useful information for cold emailing campaigns (civility, company legal info, etc.). Even better, Dropcontact cleans your CRM by putting the info back in the right fields. No more time wasted with this task!

Dropcontact the best cleaner of data

Dropcontact's features

Dropcontact's algorithms 🤖 provide, from just a first name, last name and website (or failing that a company name) or even just a LinkedIn URL:

  • Verified and qualified business email address
  • Business phone number
  • Standardization of the name
  • Addition of the civility
  • Job of your prospect
  • URL LinkedIn of the contact
  • URL LinkedIn of the company
  • Website of the company
  • All the legal information of the company

The Waalaxy x Dropcontact integration

The Dropcontact integration in Waalaxy is the best way to level up your prospecting. Prospects extracted by Waalaxy are completed and updated by Dropcontact.

No more wasted time, time for productivity !

The benefits of the integration

  • If the profile doesn’t have an email address, Dropcontact finds a professional email address with a name, a family name and the company’s name or website. However, a simple LinkedIn profile is enough.
  • Thanks to the Dropcontact integration, you’re sure to only prospect to professional, checked and up-to-date email addresses.
  • That way, you remain compliant with the GDPR, which forbids prospecting to personal addresses.

How to setup the Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is natively integrated with Waalaxy. Dropcontact automatically enriches contacts in your automations. Here is an example of a campaign set up with an enrichment step.

Waalaxy x Dropcontact pricing

Waalaxy is available for free with limited features. To enrich all your data and enjoy the advanced features, you will need at least the Business Plan (from €80/month).

The Business plan allows you to enjoy:

  • Automatic sending of messages and connection requests on LinkedIn
  • Automatic sending of emails
  • Templates for targeted messages with variables
  • Cloud feature
  • CRM sync feature
  • Auto-import feature
  • Dropcontact integration for the Email Finder feature
  • Client support

Dropcontact being integrated natively with Waalaxy, you don’t need a Dropcontact subscription to enjoy the enrichment.

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