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Dropcontact x Quickmail: Send targeted and effective Cold Emails

Dropcontact is integrated with Quickmail to enrich your leads' email addresses! 🎯

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What is QuickMail?

Sending Cold Emails

Quickmail is a B2B sales prospecting tool specialized in sending Cold Emails.

To learn more, discover what a Cold Email is and what it is used for!

As you know, it is often necessary to contact a prospect several times in order to succeed in getting their attention. Some studies suggest that it takes up to 5 follow-ups to get it right! Unfortunately, doing it by hand can be very time-consuming. 


dont waste your time


Well Quickmail is exactly made for that purpose! ✨

Quickmail allows you to create mailing sequences, called "Campaigns". 

With Quickmail, you program automated messaging scenarios via the desired communication channel: emails, SMS, calls or even Slack messages.

You set up each step of your campaigns according to your targets and objectives.


Here is an example that we let you adapt to your own strategy: 

  • First contact: presentation email
  • 1st follow-up on D+2: follow-up email 
  • 2nd reminder on D+5: follow-up call
  • 3rd follow-up on D+10: follow-up email
  • etc.


💡Learn more about follow-up emails.

Obviously, you pre-write all messages in advance, using liquid language to personalize each one of them.


Dropcontact enrich your contact before sending Cold Email


Don't forget that personalization is the key to cold email success! 🤓

Once the campaign is launched, all you have to do is let the different steps run until your prospects respond.

Whenever you identify a targeted lead you can push it to that campaign.

💡 You can integrate up to 150,000 contacts into your Quickmail interface!

Warming up your mailbox

It is essential to "warm up" your mailbox before sending a large number of emails (like Cold Emails). You didn't expect to send 100-150 emails a day as soon as you created your address, did you? 😅 

Here's the thing: if you don't warm up your mailbox and start sending 150 emails a day overnight, you risk being identified as "shady". The chances of being labeled as a spammer are consequently high. Your deliverability rates will drop... and your response rates will plummet. Your efforts will be wasted, and you'll be left with a new domain to create. In short, it will all be a big waste of time 😡

So, how do you warm up your mailbox? 


First the good news: Quickmail offers a free tool to "warm up" your mailbox. 🌡️

Basically, you send a progressively increasing number of emails from said address every day. But it's not just about sending messages, you also need to receive and send responses. In short, give all the signals to your email system that a real human is behind your email address.  


Dropcontact x Quickmail : Cold Email with quality


Warming up your mailbox is therefore the essential step before sending Cold Emails. This will allow your email system to identify your email address as valid and trustworthy. 

In other words, it is a mandatory step, but it takes time.

That's why Quickmail offers a tool that allows you to warm up your mailbox automatically: Auto-Warmer ✨

And yes, this tool is free and is available to everyone.

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What is Dropcontact?

A tool for enriching, checking, updating, and cleaning your contact data. 

Having a large database is all well and good, but it is important that these contacts are usable for your marketing campaigns and prospecting. 

And very often, contact lists are filled with obsolete or faulty data, duplicates, or missing information. 

That's where Dropcontact steps in 💫


The tool cleans your database, corrects errors, automatically detects and merges duplicates, and enriches all missing information : 

✅ Qualified and verified business email address

✅ Title

✅ Business phone number

✅ Position occupied

✅ Contact's company information

✅ Etc.


In short, all the information needed to create effective automated prospecting sequences with Quickmail. 

By the way, Dropcontact integrates with Quickmail in a few clicks to take your prospecting to the next level!

Dropcontact integration

Creating prospecting sequences, sending cold emails, cold calling... We've talked about it many times, these techniques help find new prospects and, if you do your job right, convert them into customers. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Quickmail integrates Dropcontact to check the validity of your prospects' email addresses before you start sending out your campaigns.

Dropcontact checkes your email before sending a new Cold Email campaign
Before launching a Quickmail campaign, check whether the email addresses are valid with Dropcontact


Once Dropcontact has checked an email address, it is then qualified in the Quickmail interface:

  • "Good": The email address is validated
  • "Risky" or "Unknown": Dropcontact has not been able to determine if the address is valid - the domain of the address may be set to "catch-all".
  • "Invalid": The address is not valid, your emails will bounce 🫤

How to integrate Dropcontact in Quickmail

Ready to boost your deliverability rates?

Then follow this tutorial for an easy, and quick integration in just a few clicks!

Before you start, don't forget to create a Dropcontact account if you don't already have one.

First, you will need to retrieve your personal API key from your account on the Dropcontact application.


Get your Dropcontact API key


In your account on the Quickmail application, go to "Settings", then "Add-ons". In the "Email Verification" section, click on the "Configure External Provider" button.

Second step


Then select Dropcontact, the only enrichment solution that relies on an algorithm to provide the most up-to-date data possible while being 100% GDPR compliant 😉 Click the "Configure" button.


Third step


All you have to do is enter your Dropcontact API key number and the tool will automatically integrate with Quickmail!


Last step


And there you have it 🥂

Dropcontact x Quickmail pricing

Quickmail rates vary depending on the number of cold emails you wish to send out per day.

The monthly rate to send 500 emails per month is $59.

You can also test the tool for 14 days free of charge and without commitment!


The integration requires a Dropcontact subscription.

The first 100 credits are free 🎁 ! Beyond that, you can enrich your contacts from 24€/month for 1000 optimized contacts.

👉 Discover the Dropcontact subscription that fits your needs


🚀 Dropcontact is integrated with many tools, such as :

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