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Monday x Dropcontact : Increase your productivity with Monday and Dropcontact

Dropcontact integration with Monday allows you to collect data from your leads to boost your prospecting

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What is Monday?

A productivity tool

Monday allows you to organize your tasks, alone or with your team, in a dashboard format. Each of your tasks is organized in a line with its deadline, priority and the person assigned to it.
You will also be able to create collaborative projects in order to follow their progress, by task and by date.
Finally, Monday offers the addition of various components to your workspace such as dashboards, documents, tables, forms, or the insertion of templates to download directly from the Monday shop.


Monday also offers an integrated CRM platform in the form of tables, where each row represents one of your prospects
You can, for example, change their status, or transfer the prospect's data directly to your favorite email contacts like Gmail and Outlook.
Fields are automatically suggested and added by Monday such as email, phone number, mailing address, etc.

The benefits of Monday

Ease of use thanks to an intuitive interface accessible to all
Multiple in-app features: you can adapt Monday to all your uses (CRM, productivity, sales, etc.)
Monday also has a wide range of tools to integrate via the App Marketplace. For example, it is possible to integrate Figma, Shopify, and many others!
Its very affordable price range (from 10€ per month and per user)

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What is Dropcontact?

Much more than an Email Finder

Dropcontact enriches, verifies, validates and updates your database thanks to proprietary algorithms that deliver for you the information of your contacts.
From the first name, the last name, the website (or even the company name) or even just the LinkedIn profile..., Dropcontact's algorithms generate email addresses and all the useful information for your prospecting as well as all the legal data of their companies.
Dropcontact does not store any database, which makes it a solution: 100% algorithms, 100% RGPD compliant 💚

Dropcontact's features

  • Detects and merges duplicates in your CRM
  • Enriches contacts with their up-to-date, qualified, verified and valid email addresses
  • Verifies existing email addresses
  • Adds business phone numbers
  • Adds and updates the job of your leads, customers or prospects
  • Adds the URL of the LinkedIn profile
  • Standardize the information present in the contact form (First name, Last name, title, job...)
  • Validates the company's website
  • Adds the LinkedIn company page
  • Adds the legal information of the company

The Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact is natively integrated with Monday to enrich your contact data directly into your CRM!  
By simply entering your personal Dropcontact API key on Monday, you will be able to create automated workflows based on conditions such as adding a new contact or modifying a record.
For example, for every new contact added, the Dropcontact API integration will update, verify, clean and standardize your contact data. Dropcontact algorithms source the contact information needed for your prospecting live and for you 🚀
From business phone numbers, to qualified emails, to company and contact information, you'll never miss out on information needed for your prospecting again.

Advantages of the integration

The integration is automatic and autonomous (it operates autonomously from the moment your Dropcontact API key is connected).
To integrate Dropcontact into Monday, no additional cost is required! 🫶Your Dropcontact subscription allows you to benefit from the enrichment directly in Monday.
Thanks to the integration, you will get all the information you need for your prospecting in a few minutes, for every future contact addition!
Finally, it is possible to enrich your contacts by adding them individually, or by importing a file with multiple contacts ⚡️

How to integrate Dropcontact into Monday?

To integrate Dropcontact into Monday, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Monday account, then to the App Marketplace
Step 1
  • Search and install the Dropcontact module (created by the iNet Process team 💚)
Step 2
  • Select Start With a Template, then select your workspace
  • Once the Dropcontact template is added, create the associated automation by clicking on Automate
  • Add the following variables
  • Copy and paste your Dropcontact API key
Dropcontact API key
  • Select the column labels you wish to display by clicking on Hide
  • All you have to do is add the lead you want to enrich by clicking on "Add Item".
step 6
  • Then fill in at least the first name, last name and company name (or website), and voilà! Dropcontact enriches your leads in seconds 🪄

Find out more about Dropcontact enrichment on Monday


The CRM Monday offers 4 monthly subscription plans starting at 10€ per month and per user to take advantage of the basic features of the tool.

To benefit from the Dropcontact enrichment, you will have to opt for the Pro subscription for 24€ per month and per user.

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