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Luna, the fully autonomous tool creating Cold Email campaigns

Luna, the tool mixing Artificial Intelligence and Cold Email

Cold Emailing with Luna

Cold Emailing with Luna

Luna can generate Cold Email campaigns from scratch, from prospect research, to email copywriting, to sending it. The tool handles all the campaign's steps from beginning to end, and is available in all languages. 

The tool improves the performance of your campaigns based on the results of each email that you sent. It can send several reminder emails to maximize your response rate. 

Automate your prospecting with Luna and Dropcontact

Automate your prospecting with Luna and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is natively integrated with Luna. You don't need a Dropcontact subscription to benefit from the integration.

The integration aims at searching the professional email addresses of the prospects that Lunas has found. The contacts imported in Luna only need to have a first and last name, as well as a website for their company.

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Luna offers 6 monthly subscription plans, including a free one which gives you 150 credits, one for each email sent. To benefit from 250 emails sent, you'll need to upgrade to the 100$ monthly subscription, which will also allow you to upload your own prospect lists and to enjoy Luna's best AI models.

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Luna's pros

Detailed performance reviews

Detailed performance reviews

After rolling out your AI-generated prospecting campaigns, Luna gives detailed performance reviews, which include:

  • Your average email response rate
  • Your email bounce rate
  • The rate of emails delivered to your prospects' inbox

Finding emails with Luna

Finding emails with Luna

Thanks to its database of more than 275 million updated contacts, Luna gives you access to the contact information of millions of professionals.

After defining your criteria, Luna gives you a daily feed of leads with whom you can directly interact. 

With the Dropcontact information, you can also get the information you don't have (updated professional email, professional phone number, etc.) about the leads already in your contact file - you just need the first name, last name and company name of your prospect.

Finding emails with Luna

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