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SmartReach, the multi-purpose tool to send Cold Emails

SmartReach, boost your prospecting thanks to Cold Emails

Cold Emailing with SmartReach

Cold Emailing with SmartReach

SmartReach is a tool that allows you to create and automate Cold Email campaigns. The tool has several features to optimize your campaigns, such as multi-channels, inbox warm-up, or A.I-based personalization.

Automate your prospecting with SmartReach

Automate your prospecting with SmartReach

SmartReach can automate your prospecting thanks to several features like:

  • Setting up prospecting sequences with multiple tools (WhatsApp, calls, messages, and emails)
  • Automating actions directly on LinkedIn (Profile views, invitations to connect and sending messages automatically)et envois de messages automatisés)
  • Suggested content from A.I
Boosting your Cold Emails your prospecting with SmartReach

Boosting your Cold Emails your prospecting with SmartReach

SmartReach allows you to create collaborative Cold Email sequences to send out.

Thanks to shared email inboxes, each member can directly access the team's interactions with different prospects, therefore improving response rate and reducing the length of the sales cycle.

The whole team can then have a broad vision of the overall performances of the prospecting campaigns.


SmartReach's Email Outreach plan starts at 29$ per month and per user, and allows you to create an unlimited number of email campaigns.

To benefit from multi-channel campaigns, you'll need to choose the Sales Engagement plan at 49$ per month and per user. With this option, you can also integrate SmartReach with your CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive et Zoho). 

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SmartReach's pros

Cold Emailing with SmartReach

Cold Emailing with SmartReach

With SmartReach, you can send an unlimited number of email campaigns, regardless of the pricing plan you choose. 

SmartReach directly integrates AI in its platform to allow users to personalize their content.

SmartReach also works with all email providers.

Lastly, the tool can be integrated with several CRMs like HubSpot and Pipedrive to directly centralize your prospects and your interactions. 

Warm-Up your inbox with SmartReach

Warm-Up your inbox with SmartReach

SmartReach works together with WarmupHero to give its users the best performances when it comes to domain reputation and email deliverability. The integrated Warm-up feature allows you to boost the performance of your campaigns and to avoid ending up in the spam folder of your prospects.

Boosting your Cold Emails your prospecting with SmartReach

Multichannels with SmartReach

SmartReach gives you multiple possibilities for creating your prospecting campaigns. For instance, you can combine tools like WhatsApp and LinkedIn with sending out emails, calling, or sending our automated messages. This strategy can multiply your chances of contacting your prospects, and therefore your chances of getting a response. 

You can adjust these campaigns endlessly with workflows: you can define the intervals between each action trigger and add dynamic conditions (e.g.  opening a message, sending a LinkedIn invitation, etc.).

Finding emails with SmartReach

Finding emails with SmartReach and Dropcontact

SmartReach lets you add your prospects' email addresses directly into the platform thanks to its ProspectDaddy extension. The integration is free and allows you to add the prospects you have in your targeted LinkedIn audience directly into SmartReach.

SmartReach is also integrated with Dropcontant so that you can enrich the leads in your CRM. 

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Finding emails with SmartReach

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