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Take your prospecting to the next level with SmartReach and Dropcontact

Boost your Cold Emails deliverability with Dropcontact's integration in Smartreach! 💌

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What is SmartReach?

SmartReach is a solution for sales teams specifically dedicated to sending Cold Emails.

Sending Cold Emails

Considered as a key asset for sales teams, Cold Email has become (almost) essential in any B2B prospecting campaign.

The secret weapon for prospecting: Cold Email

💡 Discover the 7 steps to send the perfect cold email!

SmartReach is a Cold Email sending software that allows you to personalize your messages and program sequences in order to automate follow-ups.

Studies show that it takes about 5 follow-ups to capture a lead's attention and get a response. With Smartreach, you no longer need to send your follow-up emails manually, the tool allows you to schedule them in advance. By integrating your email system directly into the software, you can send your cold emails from your personal address.

The key to prospecting? 🔑 Hyperpersonalization!

Thanks to SmartReach, it is possible to personalize the content of your messages by using merge tags. These fields will allow you to personally address each of your recipients, but also add conditional statements.

Smartreach - Cold email template
An Example of Cold Email Sequences with Merge Fields in Smartreach

With Smartreach, when a prospect responds, the sequences you have programmed are automatically paused, regardless of who receives the answer within your company.

Are you prospecting in different time zones? SmartReach allows you to adapt the sending time of your campaigns in order to target every prospect at the right time.

You also have the possibility to compare several email templates thanks to an A/B testing system. This option will allow you to determine which campaign works best, and also to considerably improve the performance of your campaigns.

Prospects management

SmartReach allows you to easily import your leads lists directly from your CRM (Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesforce). You can also create workflows to add a prospect to your Cold Email campaigns when a specific action takes place in your CRM. Reciprocally, data from Smartreach is systematically added to your CRM in order to centralize information and better track your prospects.

Once your contacts are integrated, you can easily monitor their engagement: if they opened a message, clicked on a link, replied, etc. With this information, you can then categorize and/or tag your prospects according to their progress in your campaigns.

smartreach - follow-up of leads and prospects
Track your prospects with Smartreach
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What is Dropcontact?

A tool that allows you to enrich, clean, verify and update your contacts' data

Dropcontact is a 100% GDPR-compliant data enrichment tool. From a first name, a last name and a company's website, Dropcontact is able to provide you with all the data that is essential for prospecting... Without using any databases. Only algorithms 🚀

The most reliable Email finder and Verifier on the market

Dropcontact allows you to optimize your contacts' data. Among its many features, we can mention:

✅ Search and validation of qualified professional email addresses.

✅ Addition of professional data: phone number, civility, position held, company's legal data.

✅ Correction of erroneous and/or obsolete data.

✅ Detection and merging of duplicates.

Dropcontact natively integrates into your CRM (Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce), but can also be used to enrich a spreadsheet database, via its API, or integrated into a third-party tool (such as Smartreach 😉 )!

The Dropcontact integration

Dropcontact's integration with Smartreach allows you to find and verify your prospects' email addresses before scheduling your cold email sequences.

Sending cold-emails is great. Making sure they reach your recipients is even better.

That's why Dropcontact recommends checking email addresses before adding them to campaigns. Dropcontact automatically handles verification in SmartReach once you've connected your tools!

By the way, did you know that your domain configuration is just as important as the validity of the email addresses you are addressing? Audit your domain for free!

How to easily integrate Dropcontact in Smartreach

Dropcontact x Smartreach pricing

Smartreach prices vary depending on the number of prospects you want to contact per month:

  • Standard Plan: Starting at $99/month for 5,000 prospects
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $149/month for 10,000 prospects
  • Ultimate Plan: Starting at $199/month to contact an unlimited number of prospects.

Smartreach offers a free 14-day trial period, without obligation.

👉 Check out Smartreach's pricings !

To add email address enrichment with Dropcontact in Smartreach, you will need a Dropcontact subscription. The first 100 enrichments are free 🎁

Then, the subscription is available from €24/month to boost the results of your Cold Email campaigns and (therefore) your prospecting.

Go even further with these other Dropcontact integrations :



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