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Waalaxy, the prospecting tool combining LinkedIn and emails

Waalaxy, the tool that allows you to expand your network without any technical skills

Cold Email with Waalaxy

Cold Email with Waalaxy

Waalaxy allows you to automate your Cold Email strategy and to use LinkedIn as a professional database. With the solution you can select your prospectly directly through LinkedIn and export them into Waalaxy.

The tool also offers A/B testing to compare the performances of your campaigns and maximize your chances of conversion.

Automate your prospecting with Waalaxy and Dropcontact

Automate your prospecting with Waalaxy and Dropcontact

Dropcontact is integreated with Waalaxy to boost your prospecting 💫

More often than not, some contact profiles can have incorrect or even completely obsolete email addresses 🤕

That's when Dropcontact comes into play: it finds and gives your the updated email address of any professional contact, solely from their first name, last name and their company's website (or just their LinkedIn profile) 🔥

This integration allows you to keep updated data in real-time.

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Waalaxy offers a free plan that will let you enjoy some of the solution's features, such as its LinkedIn automations or its templates for targeted messages.

To benefit from the Cold Email option, you'll need to choose their Business plan for 80€ per month. This package includes:

  • The synchronisation with yourCRM
  • 800 LinkedIn invitations to send each month
  • The Email search with their Email Finder (including the Dropcontact integration 💚)

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Waalaxy's pros

Cold Emailing with Waalaxy

Cold Emailing with Waalaxy

With Waalaxy, you can set up automated and personalized Cold Emails campaigns to generate qualified leads.

Putting this strategy in place comes with several turnkey features that will save you a considerable amount of time for your prospecting. For instance, you can get your prospect's contact info and directly import them into Waalaxy. A total game-changer🔥

Multichannel with Waalaxy

Waalaxy gives you the opportunity to create multichannel prospecting campaigns. These consists in using several communication channels to search for leads, mainly through LinkedIn and emails. 

You can create campaigns in the tools and then automatically program them to send LinkedIn invitations with personalised messages and Cold Emails, for instance.

Finding emails with Waalaxy

Finding emails with Waalaxy

Waalaxy does not stop at sending out Cold Emails, since the solution is also able to keep its database updated... Especially thanks to its own Email Finder (and to its integration with Dropcontact)!

Waalaxy's Email Finder allows you to find the verified and updated professional emails of all your prospects.

The Email Finder is also 100% GDPR-compliant since it works with proprietary algorithms which generates prospect emails in real-time. No databased is used in this regard 💚

Finding emails with Waalaxy

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