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Woodpecker, the easy-breezy tool for Cold Email

Sending Cold Emails and Prospecting efficiently is easy as can be

simple yet efficient cold emails with Woodpecker

Cold Emailing with Woodpecker

Sending Cold Emails with Woodpecker is really easy.

For each sequence, you can choose the timeframe between each email, add conditions depending on user behaviour or campaign result, test each email...

Woodpecker's features are simple but enough to launch high-performance Cold Email campaigns.

💡 Woodpecker has a very useful function to check if your email might end up in the spam folder

automate your prospecting with Woodpecker and Dropcontact

Automate your Cold Email prospecting with Woodpecker and Dropcontact

Woodpecker is natively integrated with the biggest CRMs on the market (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho...), Google Sheets and even LinkedIn. These integrations allow you to automatically include your targeted leads in the appropriate campaigns. 

An outgoing integration towards Pipedrive, HubSpot or Slack will keep you updated as soon as one of the campaign emails gets a reply!

improve your prospecting with Woodpecker's Cold Email

improve your prospecting with Woodpecker's Cold Email

To enrich the leads coming from your CRMs or from your files, it is necessary to use an automation tool like Zapier or Make. You'll then be able to automatically enrich your data with Dropcontant and push them in the appropriate campaign.

💡 Dropcontact is natively integrated in HubSpot, Pipedrive and Salesforce - no need for a third service, Dropcontact does it all directly in the CRM

Woodpecker's pricing

Woodpecker's pricing starts at 39€/month for 1 500 leads to prospect with one email address.

🎁 Adding another email address is free.

Access to the API and to the other integrations will cost you extra (from 5€); the same goes for the A/B testing (from 10€)

The 7-day trial and the 50 Cold Emails campaign are free.

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Woodpecker's pros

Woodpecker : Cold Email tool

Cold Email made simple

Woodpecker offers the basic features of Cold Emailing, perfect for launching your first campaigns: sequence creation, prospect import, domain warm-up, reply alert, multiple integrations. 

Its ease of use and its numerous integrations are clearlythe strengths of Woodpecker.

domain warm-up with Woodpecker

Your domain warm-up integrated with Woodpecker

Woodpecker gives its users the possibility to warm-up their domain so that they can optimize the deliverability of their emails.

Warm-up emails allow you to build your sender reputation over time. 

The idea is to progressively send out emails to earn the trust of Internet service providers and email providers like Gmail or Outlook.

This is a vital feature offered by Woodpecker.

improve your prospecting with Woodpecker's Cold Email

integrate an email Finder to Woodpecker : Dropcontact is the best

Integrate Dropcontact to find and validate emails before launching your campaigns

Sending Cold Email sequences is good, having verified and validated emails is even better! Vital, even!

To connect Dropcontact (the only GDPR compliant solution which guarantees 99% of B2B verified emails) you'll need to use Zapier or Make.

With these automation tools, you'll be able to customize your own workflows:

  • Enrich your CRM contacts before pushing them into Woodpecker
  • Find the emails of your leads or prospects in Google Sheets or Excel before importing them to WoodpeckerTrouver les emails de ses fichiers Google Sheets ou Excel de leads ou de prospects avant de les importer dans Woodpecker
  • Verify the emails already available in Woodpecker before launching your Cold Email sequence.

integrate an email Finder to Woodpecker : Dropcontact is the best

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