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Hunter.io VS Lusha

Hunter.io VS Lusha: the Email Finder match


Hunter uses a combination of artificial intelligence, which scrapes websites to enrich its database, and of algorithms that can verify and validate information. Hunter has of the most extensive databases on the marking, with more than 100 million professional email addresses.

Created by two French persons, Hunter.io is now based in the USA, in Delaware. Data enrichment is not limited geographically and works internationally.

Where does the data come from?

Hunter saves data in a database of more than 107 million email addresses obtained through scraping. Each minute, 711 000 web pages are analyzed among 76 million websites.

Data enrichment comes from either scraping or deduction (email patterns detected by scraping).

Hunter gives its users access to Profiles Database built from data available on public web pages. This data lets Hunter Users create new professional connections.


Lusha is a solution based on data collection and storage (email addresses and mobile phones). Lusha declares having a database of:

  • 45 million of North American contacts
  • 50 million of international companies' profiles
  • 21 millions of "GDPR-compliant" European contacts

Reminder: using and storing databases is strictly forbidden by the GDPR. Are these 21 million European contacts truly GDPR-compliant?

Where does the data come from?

To deliver contact data, Lusha searches its database for each email address, and therefore, cannot guarantee up-to-date and verified professional email addresses.

Lusha does not manage the detection and merging of your contact duplicates. Beware of duplicates, or run the risk of contacting the same person several times. 


Hunter.io's pricing

Hunter has a free subscription plan with a 25 email search limit, and a 50 email verification limit. From 49€/month, you can search for 500 emails and verify 1000 (149€/month for searched 5000 emails and 10 000 verifications).

Lusha's pricing

Lusha has a free subscription plan which gives you 50 email credits per month and 5 credits to get phone numbers.

From 37$ per month, you can search for up to 4 800 emails per year (about 400 emails each month) and for 480 phone numbers per year (about 40 phone numbers each month).

Comparaison des features

📨 Email

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement B2B

Email Finder and Enrichment

B2B Email qualification

Verification, correction and validation of B2B email


Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement de contacts B2B

Civil title

Correction and standardization of first /last names

Detection and merging of contact duplicates

Adds LinkedIn profile

Adds personal phone number

🏢 Company

Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement des données de sociétés

Adds contact's company and website

Adds company's LinkedIn

🗂 File

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement de fichiers B2B

Email enrichment from a contact list

🔌 API and integration

Logo Dropcontact - la meilleure intégration CRM pour trouver et enrichir ses emails

API and Zapier integration available

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts

⚖️ GDPR Compliance

Logo Dropcontact - Le seul Email Finder 100% RGPD

100% GDPR-compliant enrichment solution


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