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RocketReach VS Apollo

RocketReach VS Apollo: the Email Finder match


RocketReach is an Email Finder working with a contact database. The solution looks for email addresses and phone numbers in its database to provide them to their clients. This base is made of 330 million email addresses and 150 million phone numbers.

This data is supposed to be verified before being sent to clients, however, the company does not give details on its verification methods.

Where does the data come from?

The data given by RocketReach comes from a database of 330 million email addresses and 150 million phone numbers (including 50 million mobile phone numbers).

‍The solution claims that the data given comes from the web and from algorithms. Some is also found by their team.


Apollo is an Email Finder which enriches and verifies email addresses. The data provided comes from their own database, which has more than 265 million contacts.

On top of enriching and validating data, Apollo gives free access to its API.

Where does the data come from?

Apollo claims a base of:

  • 156 million professional and personal emails 
  • 120 millions phone numbers

Apollo's contact database is made up of 

  • the data of its users (both freemium and paying) which are then reused and added to the database.  
  • softwares that scrape  the web to collect the professional and company data of millions of prospects
  • third-party data providers which continuously give data to Apollo.

Apollo stores millions of personal and name-based data to resell them. There's therefore no way to know for sure if the data is regularly updated or if it's obsolete.


RocketReach pricing

RocketReach's prices start at 36€/month and this plan allows you to search for as many personal and professional email addresses as you want. But you'll only be able to export 1200 contact each month.  

To export 3 600 emails per month, you'll need the 91€ monthly plan.

Apollo pricing

Apollo's pricing starts at 49$/month to get an unlimited number of emails on the platform. However, email export is capped at 1000 contacts each month.  

With Apollo's free plan, users can find 10 000 contacts per month and export 120 out of Apollo.

Comparaison des features

📨 Email

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement B2B

Email Finder and Enrichment

B2B Email qualification

Verification, correction and validation of B2B email


Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement de contacts B2B

Civil title

Correction and standardization of first /last names

Detection and merging of contact duplicates

Adds LinkedIn profile

Adds personal phone number

🏢 Company

Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement des données de sociétés

Adds contact's company and website

Adds company's LinkedIn

🗂 File

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement de fichiers B2B

Email enrichment from a contact list

🔌 API and integration

Logo Dropcontact - la meilleure intégration CRM pour trouver et enrichir ses emails

API and Zapier integration available

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts

⚖️ GDPR Compliance

Logo Dropcontact - Le seul Email Finder 100% RGPD

100% GDPR-compliant enrichment solution


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