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FindThatLead VS GetEmail

FindThatLead VS GetEmail: the Email Finder match


FindThatLead uses a mix fo scraping, simple algorithms based on various test models, and databases to find emails and enrich the contact data of its users. The solution gathers data on the whole web, crawls each and every page, verifies email addresses in the database and helps its clients reach their prospects' inbox more quickly.

FindThatLead also has an email verification tool which analyzes the status of the email address (catch-all or not) and tests the SMTP authentification, as well as the DNS MX record. This system can determine the validity of an email address and point out the uncertain ones.

However, the enrichment is limited to the prospect's email address, since FindThatLead's Email Finder doesn't add any other piece of contact or company information. Though its HQ is located in the US, its email enrichment solution doesn't have geographical limits and is international.

Where does the data come from?

FindThatLead extracts data directly from public Internet pages and stores it in a database.

Only contact data is stored and given (name, job and email address of the contact).


GetEmail finds professional email addresses in real time by using the contact's first and last names, as well as the domain name they're using. The solution crawls millions of websites to determine the model used for the email addresses (i.e.: firstname@company.com) and works from  this format to generate the email addresses of the company's employees.

GetEmail works through deduction to create these email addresses. By scanning numerous websites, the solution identifies the general format of millions of companies, which then enables the "recreation" of professional email addresses.

GetEmail gives email addresses but does not verify their validity.

Though GetEmail's enrichment rates are high, the accuracy of its information is not guaranteed.

Where does the data come from?

GetEmail uses deduction to determine the format of professional email addresses, mixing scraping and intuition.

However, this method is limited: there's no data verification or validation. It's therefore essential to recheck the latter with another email verification tool.



FindThatLead bills its users depending on the number of email addresses that it finds.

With the 49$ Growth plan, 5 000 email addresses can be enriched each month.

With the Start-Up plan, users can enrich 18 000 email addresses per month for 150$.


GetEmail's pricing is based on the number of email addresses it finds: one credit means one email address found.

The 49$/month Basic Plan allows users to find 300 emails, the 99$ plan gives 1 000 contacts and the 149$ plan, 2 000 contacts.

Comparaison des features

📨 Email

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement B2B

Email Finder and Enrichment

B2B Email qualification

Verification, correction and validation of B2B email


Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement de contacts B2B

Civil title

Correction and standardization of first /last names

Detection and merging of contact duplicates

Adds LinkedIn profile

Adds personal phone number

🏢 Company

Logo Dropcontact - Enrichissement des données de sociétés

Adds contact's company and website

Adds company's LinkedIn

🗂 File

Logo Dropcontact - Email finder et enrichissement de fichiers B2B

Email enrichment from a contact list

🔌 API and integration

Logo Dropcontact - la meilleure intégration CRM pour trouver et enrichir ses emails

API and Zapier integration available

CRM integration to enrich, update and merge contacts

⚖️ GDPR Compliance

Logo Dropcontact - Le seul Email Finder 100% RGPD

100% GDPR-compliant enrichment solution


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