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Dropcontact is integrated with Pharow to enrich your prospecting files!

Email enrichment via Dropcontact is the ultimate weapon to prospect with Pharow.

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What is Pharow?

Pharow is a platform that assembles all the data on companies and prospects, in order to create very targeted prospecting files. No technical skills required!

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Create prospecting files thanks to targeted research

Having well-targeted prospecting files is capital for all Sales and Marketing teams. Many lead generation tools are available, with some being more technical to use than other. Pharow brings simplicity by concentrating all your research in one place. No need to scrape LinkedIn!

Directly from the Pharow app, you can target your research by job title, company name, activity sector, company size, turnover, technologies or even ongoing recruiting effort. That way, you're getting companies and prospects based on these filters.

Once the research is done, Pharow displays for each company a summary of the available information. You can get a chart of all the employees, representatives and LinkedIn profiles linked to the company. Among all the information you can gather, there are the name, the family name, the company's name, the person's LinkedIn profile, as well as data on the turnover, the recruiting effort, the growth in staff and capital in addition to the contact information… There is no limit to how much you can filter. Pharow will also be able to tell you for which companies an email was found or not.

Example : you search "CEO, Data, Paris, 10 to 19 employees"

  • You get a list of CEOs with the name, the family name, the company with the employee chart, the person's LinkedIn profile, the company's website, and more.
  • A list is created in one click with all or just parts of the results.
  • You can add an "enrichment" step before creating the list.

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Export your prospects thanks to Pharow's integrations

Pharow lets you build your segmentation and Sales Automation strategies by targeting your leads depending on the criteria of your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile). This allows you to get all the necessary data to start communicating with them by mail, on LinkedIn or even through the postal system! ✉️

Once the prospecting files are created, the next step is to send them to the cold emailing or multi-channel prospecting tools that will benefit from these enriched leads.

lemlist integration in Pharow

Pharow has a lemlist integration that allows you to send directly to your emailing campaigns the enriched leads you extracted thanks to the targeted research.

A massive benefit is the detection of duplicates. Only the contacts that are not already on lemlist will be sent. You can also add the enrichment information to the contacts that are already on lemlist. How so?

A regular synchronization between lemlist and Pharow creates and modifies a list dedicated to your lemlist contacts. This list, separated from the others, lets you quickly filter the contacts that are already on lemlist, or the contacts that are present but not enriched.

lemlist filters in Pharow

To set it up, you will need your lemlist API key, available in the settings of your account.

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Then, everything happens in your prospect list. Once the prospecting filters are set, you only need to select "Add to lemlist", then your preferred campaign.

Send your data to Waalaxy

The lists created in Pharow can be exported as a CSV file. Then, you only need to import the csv file in Waalaxy and launch a campaign.

A prospecting file with enriched and targeted leads guarantees the success of your automated message sending campaigns with Waalaxy.

By the way, Dropcontact is natively integrated with Waalaxy.

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What is Dropcontact?

Dropcontact's enrichment is integrated to Pharow

Dropcontact is the reference in terms of cleaning and enriching contact data in your files or your CRM. Dropcontact is at the service of your B2B prospecting. 💚

The main goal is to make you gain some valuable time. With Dropcontact, you will benefit from:

  • Being able to add useful information for your contacts (civility, company's legal information, etc.)
  • Finding a professional email address with a name, a family name and a company, or  with just a LinkedIn profile.
  • The professional email address is qualified (nominative, catch-all) and validated, for an optimal reply rate! 😄
  • A GDPR-compliant solution: no database is used or stocked, only algorithms and proprietary servers.

The benefits of the integration

  • A validated and qualified professional email address is added, as well as a phone number.
  • That way, you're getting prospecting files that are complete and up-to-date.

How to easily integrate Dropcontact in Pharow

Dropcontact is directly integrated with Pharow. An enrichment step is added between the target research and the import in a list.

Pharow's pricing

Pharow's subscriptions are flexible, with or without engagement

  • From €125/month : unlimited research, 500 prospects/week can be enriched thanks to Dropcontact.
  • Free plan : 15-day trial where you can add and enrich 100 prospects with Dropcontact.

Want to know more? Dropcontact is integrated in many tools. Check out our dedicated page.

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